Monday, June 11, 2012

So close! So close!

The new release, is SO CLOSE! I am working on a series of scenes that start in one area of the entertainment district (to add something sexy to it, since that district is still basically empty, and will stay that way until I start the next cycle and start improving the relationship system), but that should be the last addition. Then it's a quick (I hope) bugtesting/bugfixing period, and the new public release will happen. I have done some work on a few things on the new planet (some scenes, some events tied to previous choices, etc...) and I think this will be a fun release, overall(at least I hope so, I have been working on it for quite some time, now... -_-). Then some rest, and after that I will start working on it again, possibly after I put together a poll to have some feedback on some features I might add, and in which order I should go about them.


  1. Hi,

    iam glad to hear this. but dont push yourself to much.

    I like games with a big roleplaying part in it. Choices and there consequences, interaction between companions and a (or more :) ) world to explore are the basis of roleplaying games, atleast in my opinion.

    Your nice and well-made game has all of it, so iam curios to finally see the public release.


    1. Well, this new release still isn't the final one (the game has a long way to go), but with the additions I have made since last version (a new planet, expanded the old one), I am sure it will give you something to explore. Choices that will affect the game in the long run are also starting to show some of their consequences, so I hope you will appreciate both of these. Companions are still a little behind from where I would like them, that's why the next release will be more about them.

      I am glad you like the game and don't worry, I'll try not to push myself too hard! :)