Personal Caliross notes

Adventurer's Guild:
    intro + test fight to get in the guild;

    Slime forest quest (Currently, you can give up on the quest. Check faction effects, Zante family, Rahib merchants, Nymph once I add her; Lose 2 willpower and 2 inhibitions if
    you lose);

    Merchant escort quest (not very significant right now, except for the Outcast discovery/interaction + Marinth's pendant) 3 possible situations:
        escape (probably a follow-up scene/quest later on);
        failed escape (outcast pendant);
        go along with your captors (forget about the encounter);

    Noble bodyguard quest (will checks during intro: 80 50 60 40; inhibition <= 70 check and also a few of exhibitionist checks here and there, Zante mini-quest if you are a cowgirl slave);

Mage's guild:
    Increase INt by 1 with the private library for every use;
    Research topics in the library (it will be available in all libraries, with different results, eventually);
    Elaine moondrops quest; (kind of related, werewolf intro, can't avoid sex scene if will < 70 AND inhib < 70)
    Alchemist quest (points: intelligence >= 90 +2, >=70 +1, +1 for each saved potion, int >= 70 for retrieving the best ingredients automatically, will >= 40 to get a chance at it +1, +1+1 with two research
    topics at the library healing potions and secret keyword Kerdan, Max points 8, different results at 5+, 3+,1+ and 0, this gives a shot for max results even without high INT) Possible intro to Royal storyline (multiple planned);


Shapeshifter storyline;
    First dungeon MOUSE TF
        F1 spikes, levers, push rock, Mouse TF puzzle (Magic Gemstone, related to secret crystal in the second temple/dungeon)
        F2 moving platforms, jumping puzzle, secret room and weird key
        F3 braziers, shield statues, Dryad (95 inhibitions, 80-70 willpower, changes if it's the second time)
        F4 falling "traps", teleportation

    Second dungeon FISH TF
        F1 riddle, levers, push column (Hanatora influence, health amulet fragment), Mouse TF puzzle (Magic Gemstone, water spell "wet" state);
        F2 secret path, brazier puzzles (two solutions, one secret summoning one temple key), rotating puzzle
        F3 music puzzle, amazon statues, secret room (fish tf needed), Mermaid (95 inhibitions, 80-70 willpower, changes if it's the second time)
        F4 Spikes/levers puzzle, fountain puzzle (I wonder how many will check the door first and see the riddle, special reward for fighters)


Tarkas "residential" district:
    Dragon inn:
        Maid job:
            pay starts at 50 G and raises up to 70 as you work there (raises are permanent);
            0 = nothing happens OR empty room with random descriptions if you look around
            1 = couple having sex ( 95 or less inhibition to peek the first time, 80 to masturbate, 70 do it again and then have the option to join in the following times);
            2 = pervy old man, + 10g;
            3 = extra meeting with the drunken sailor IF you already had sex with him (otherwise defeaults to nothing happening). Consider writing new sex scene for the sailor;
            Moved swindler encounter so that it is an NPC appearing at the inn now;
            Same deal with the fashion designer (this one also has a follow up with the secretary showing up to pay you, and it's a hook for more content to come);

        Sailor event chain:
            3 scenes + hypnotized variants + inhibition variant for sex scene (75 cutoff)

        Debt paying job:
            Low-High inhibition options (75 cutoff)

            Singing with a sailor (short, nothing special, maybe change it)

        Exhibitionist scenes (both night & day), inhibition loss 2 (4 when you put on a show, option available for inhibitions <=60 or if you have the exhibitionist trait)

    Your house:
        Pocket dimension;
        anti-poison bath;
        Comments on guest room, wardrobe, uncle's papers, pantry, kitchen x2;
        Slaves content (sex at night, different options based on the slave during the day);

        Work as a "helper" for Edith (5 scenes total with some variations so far) -2/-1 inhibitions and +2/+1 to invisible score (from 6th days of work + choices)
        (hit 6+ to get slightly modified scenes);

    Random events:
        Ariel encounter (leads to another scene so far);
        Ghost haunting (various scenes+quest+possibility to gain the exhibitionist trait);
NOTE: For now the standard for learning a spell are 4 time slots spent reading the book, and having at least 40 INT.


    Bathouse events:
        Night scenes (with inhibitions <= 55 you can get in the men's room);

    Random events:
        Drunkard hitting on you (very low inhibition <= 40 or having the exhibitionist trait allow a sex scene);
        Outcast Taking advantage of you (only if you have his pendant);

    Mouse TF to gain access to a room in the condo;
    pendant in a bush (square);


Tarkas commercial district:


            0..1 = nothing happens (75g);
            2 = old men offer you drinks, if you get drunk people take advantage of it (3 different scenes): 100g AND -1 inhibition, otherwise same as nothing happens;
            3 = whiskey shot (needs C cup or higher and inhibitions lower than 90 for an extra 10g + 1 follow up scene (-2 inh + 20 G);
        vampire mistress:  COWGIRL AND THIS ARE MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE!!!
            3 scenes (+5 more which can happen while sleeping, and 4 random, shorter ones, make sure scene count is up-to-date)
            0-1: nothing happens
            2: Drunk encounter with guards (special job, junkie ending in the future?);
            3: 2 scenes with a patron + a daily optional follow up (home wrecker, -2 inhibitions);

    Queen of hearts:
            0..1 = nothing happens (100g, -1 int);
            2 = Middle aged man butt slap (choice for extra 40g and - inhibition, on top of standard 100g, -1 int)
            3 = Dancing for patrons (int based choice, inhibition loss if you agree)

            Watch show (probably you'll get this as a "career opportunity" later on;
            You can now work as one (100-120 G, with 3 different scenes, but no choices);

        VIP area:
            Currently accessible if you have a pass, but no significant activities at the moment (you can still talk with the guests and take a look around, though);

        Sonya (owner):
            inhibition <= 95 you can stare at her medallion, get 5 sexy hypnosis scenes (now both paths earn you the titty lover trait);

            inhibition < 90 access to the striptease area;
            hypnotized status (outcast pendant) will grant a different path, currently 8 scenes:
                0: piercings + showing them off to people;
                1: breast growth + fondling;
                2: masturbation with "fake audience";
               3: butt growth + VIP area "training";
                final scene if you have a "curvy" enough body (top and bottom) and have gone through enough scenes with her (unlocks VIP area as her pet, 2 more scenes for now);

            Talking gives random rumors/hints/etc, plus "normal" job offer as a bunny (90 inhibitions, 80 willpower);

            1 scene with two bunny girls, teasing, nothing too far (slight text changes at the end with money, more will/int loss with 0G);
        Old man shop;

        Seer (add more random text, consider having a similar NPC give actual hints for the game);

            Training (100 Gold for 1 HP increases, possible romance after 2-3 sessions (currently 2 scenes), after 10 HP willpower training for 50 g);
            (temporary boosts to Int/Wil for long-term losses);
            Breasts changes (more in the future);
            Dragoon's quest, in the newly added Oasis near Rahib (consider adding more content to the oasis map);

            Zanti farm investigation quest (from chapter 2 onward). Multiple ways to solve it (questioning, gathering items), multiple ways to get brainwashed, as well as starting already as a cowgirl. Score is as follows:
            +2 for finding the ledger, +2 for investigating it with the guards in Tarkas, +2 for taking the cow food sample, +2 for finding the secret stairs in the barn, +1 for asking "Do you like it here?" to the manager, and for asking workers about the security.
            8+ score for maximum rewards, 5+ for successful completion;
         pay based on attendance (or flat raise for becoming more "involved" with him);
        5 scenes (+3 sexy ones) with Clark +2/+1 to invisible score (from 6th days of work + choices)
        (hit 6+ to get modified scenes);

    Imperial Offices:
        Chapter 2:
            Way to buy a merchant pass (2500 G);
            New job as a secretary (currently just 2 scenes);

        First quest done! (new gear once it's completed, plus extra money for mana crystals, more updates will unlock as you collect more);

        Quest giver in front of the mage guild, retrieve book from Eloise (Firefly inn), 3 different ways to get in her room (mouse TF, inhib <= 60),
        2 endings to the quest; Probably Charles and Eloise will re-appear in the magic academy, once I add it in;

    Jar behind the pub;
    Secret room between pub and "casino" (detect magic + dispel);


Tarkas Slums:

    Tattoo and piercing parlor: 5+5+5+6 tattoos, several piercings (and a small secret in the basement);

    Heartly delights: Brothel (work 150 G base pay + prostitutes, inhib <= 90 to talk to lady Desele, <= 75 to work there);
            0: Bimbo 2x;
            1: "Magic girl" 2x;
            2: slaver-wannabe 2x;

    First scene with Gaspar;

    Scene with the outcast pendant (burly guy in the decent house);

    Temple scene;

Tarkas countryside:

Night: All closed for now


    Zante farm:
        Working as a farmhand: (Cowgirl TF, THIS AND THE VAMPIRE ARE MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE!!!)
            10+ scenes path is complete (2 endings + option to continue "enslaved"), increase in breast cup until F, intelligence -4, willpower -4, inhibition -2
            (lose 5 will until it goes <= 85 before that, loss reduction as the path progresses). Daily payments as a cowgirl (100 G) if you don't stay at the farm (bad ends);

        Mini-quest from Tim if you are fully under their thumb;

        Zante expanding: (add this for chapter 2, once you add the chapter system)

        Various NPCs for random talk, consider adding some mini-quests.
    Balthazar quest:
        Easy solution if inhibitions <= 70, otherwise you need to work on a bit of a guessing game, if you fail you get no reward (2 hi-potion, otherwise).
        Consider to make him appear around the world again and again;


Firefly inn:

    Location for "The Apprentice" quest (ladder, or seduction [inhibitions <= 60] or spells solutions. Titty lover forces a choice.)



    Red Dune:
        Work as a dancer (pay variable on performance: 70,60,40,0 G).

    Rahib temple:
       [ Side-quest (Fox girl) either dispel on her or mouse+push+explore to solve quest (at night), different outcome if you talk too much to her, needs  will <= 90 for it to trigger, otherwise you lose 5 willpower, this repeats for each question);
Secret! A dragon well hidden in the cave, requires detect magic and dispel in a non-obvious area to find the access.;
G+mana cristals in B1;]

    Slave market:
        Currently two slaves on sale (10000 G, although price will be lowered to 3000 G for the time being, until the game becomes larger);

    Street encounter with escorted cart (future antagonist met here);

    Rahib docks:
        Currently just the external area, access to travel by sea;


Military Outpost: map completed, no NPCs yet.


Cornelius pass: temporary map, no NPCs yet.



    Solina docks:
        Currently just the external area, access to travel by sea;


List of health amulets locations: (I hope I am not missing any -_-)

Temple near Tarkas

Tarkas condo (needs mouse TF)

Tarkas secret shop basement

Tarkas mage guild (Elaine quest top result)

SD2 (an entire amulet on the last floor)

Reward for the fox girl quest

Rahib oasis (fish TF);


List of hypno alternative scenes:

Sailor at Brooding dragon;

Sonya (multiple scenes related to it);

Guy at the Queen of Hearts (SW);

Outcast "visit" (random event night only, Tarkas residential district);

Outside the pub (randomly appearing NPC);

Slums, burly guy in the decent house;



  1. how do you get the exhibitionist trait? I've tried Sonya chain with the pendant and bathhouse at night, neither one gave me a trait.

    1. The exhibitionist trait is given by the random event with the ghost, I'll change the notes so that it is clearer where you get the trait and where you get content with it.

    2. You need to get the ghost random encounter and then DON'T exorcise her. Eventually she will corrupt you with the exhibitionist trait and then you can't get rid of her even if you want to.

    3. Ah, I misread and thought the ghost event was another one that had a bonus scene if you already have exhibitionist trait.

    4. Yeah, it's the problem with using my very rough notes as they are. Part of the reason to publish them is also to make them more comprehensible through feedback, slowly making them at least a somewhat usable tool for players.

    5. Who does the excorcism? I can't seem to find anyone that offers it, or is it not in the current build yet?

    6. So, the exorcism needs two things to happen:
      1)You must talk to the Priestess of Santhora about your ghost problem;
      2)You must then track down the delivery man which dropped the box containing the ghost.

      You must do all of this before the ghost takes over, otherwise she'll "convince" you that you don't need an exorcism (and give you the "exhibitionist" trait).

  2. Hi, trying to do the rahib temple quest, am in the building at night, but cant figure out how to open the locked trap door, any hints?

    1. You don't need to look at the trap door. There is another room you likely couldn't inspect during the day. Also, there is an alternative way to solve the quest before the sun goes down. :)

    2. Hello, i read in the notes that you can cast dispel on her, but when i try it doesn't work. I cast detect magic and the cursor that there's magic around shows up but when i try to cast dispel on her nothing happens

    3. This is a bug I introduced when I removed the mouse support, thanks for letting me know, I'll fix it immediately (it might be a while before I upload the fix, though). In the meantime, you should be able to use dispel if you place the cursor near her, instead (the cursor must be "facing" her).

  3. Maybe add a note or two about the dragon.

    Also I have been wondering about these things:
    1. What does the pendant from the bushes do?
    2. Is there anything I can do with the musical sheets found in the secret room next to the pub?
    3. Is there a followup event to the jar? Will there be one? Just asking, for science?

    1. 1) Right now it just gives you some wet dreams if you nap. I was considering 2 options for it, but I have decided to wait until the game is more fleshed out;

      2) It's going to be part of a puzzle in the future, and it's a somewhat obscure reference to the first Resident Evil.

      3) That's supposed to be an easter egg of sorts. It foreshadows a meeting with more of those creatures, but the quest isn't in the game yet.

  4. Very helpful! Just having a list of where things can occur saves a lot of time. I hadn't found the ghost or vampire (probably because of after early plays I had stopped frequenting certain aspects of the game.) Now I've got some exploring to do!

    1. Glad this is working out. I didn't want to publish the notes because they are obviously not made for public use, and are a bit messy, but many people would like a walkthrough, so this is better than nothing.

      I really hope someone will try to organize this stuff into a wiki or a walkthrough (I won't do it because that takes time, and I also hate to write walkthroughs).

  5. Hi there, quick question how do you find the outcast's pendant? Is it a random event or do you have to specifically look for it somewhere?

    1. During the quest to escort a merchant, trying to escape and getting caught will "earn" you the pendant.

  6. I'm can't seem to get the fish transformation at all can some one give me a hint or two?

    1. You should get the transformation at the end of the second temple, did you find the temple yet?

    2. Ya but I can't get past the floor with the mermaid.

    3. Did you solve the puzzle with the bells? That's required for you to progress. You can hear a sequence you need to reproduce by playing the bells in the correct order.

    4. I tried but apparently she's to short to reach them.

    5. There is a certain spell which should help you with them. ^_^

    6. Question how do you increase will power and the other states?

    7. Willpower you can increase at the bazaar: after you train long enough to increase your health, you can't do that anymore, and instead are offered willpower training (at a reduced cost).

      Intelligence can be trained if you study books at the mage guild library (the underground one, after you become a member).

      You can't increase inhibitions back up at the moment.

      There are plans to have more ways to manipulate these stats, but right now this is where the game sits. It's hard to balance this stuff out, because I'd like for choices to have consequences, and being able to reset stats might be too easy, but at the same time I'll probably try to use traits to help with that (and maybe create traits which cap the maximum/minimum value for those stats as well).

  7. Hi there, I'm trying to do the Zanti farm investigation quest but i can't find how to start it. Do i have to find something in the farm itself or do i get the quest from someone in tarkus?

    1. You should be able to get the quest from Kira, a woman in the Bazaar. You must have completed for her another quest before that, though, and you must have started chapter 2.

  8. Hi, I was wondering if there was a detail of the sex acts and such on the blog somewhere? Only asking as I'm a big fan of lesbianism and was wondering if that's the focus of the game or if it's just part of it. Also any plans for the characters mother be a romance-able/seducable character?

    1. Lesbianism is a big part of the game, but I am making a conscious effort to include heterosexual content (if I don't keep an eye on it, I write mostly F/F content XD), so there is a balance right now.

      I don't have a proper list of sexual encounters. As far as lesbians go, there is the vampire woman you can meet, the owner of the casino/stripclub (especially if you have a special pendant and she can "turbo-hypnotize" you), the woman who can train you at the bazaar, various magical creatures (slime girl, mermaid and dryad), and more here and there (this is just what I can think of off the top of my head).

      I am considering having a few romance-able characters, but I am not a huge fan of incest, so that one seems unlikely (that would make for some awkward conversations with your dad in the game XD).

      Since I want to have a pregnancy system as well, having male partners (and some futa content) is a must.

    2. Cool, thanks for getting back to me so fast and thank you for the detailed reply. Good to hear there's plenty of lesbian stuff! It's great that there's a game that has so much in it, that's the one thing that seems to be lacking in adult games I've noticed!

      Sad to hear your not a big fan of incest, was seriously looking forwards to some mother action but each to their own. No plans for just some casual sex with mom instead maybe? And yes, it would be especially family dinners very, very awkward XD

      Big fan of pregnancy too so I'm glad to hear this though, can't wait!

    3. The game is still unripe, with tons of unfinished paths, and the main plotlines are lagging behind too, but at least we have variety. XD I will eventually need a few months focused just on getting the main routes done, but for now I'll do some months of tying up loose ends, and some months of adding new content.

      I don't hate incest, but I am not into it enough to want it into my game (deep in my heart I know I am ready for lesbian twins, though XD).

      My main problem with pregnancies is how to handle the babies, so I am considering to have mostly bad ends and extended endings, probably with a rollback feature so players can get back into the game easily. Babies are sadly not fit for a game, and any realistic pregnancy (outside of magical creatures) just can't fit the time frame. Having the player just plop down babies and then forget about them seems to defy the purpose of having pregnancies in the game to begin with, so I compromised to have pregnancies be game stopping, at least in my current plans.

      I know how I'll handle the "activation" in-game, though, by allowing players to pray to the goddess of fertility (this will also work as a menu to decide if you want pregnancies with monsters or not and other parameters).

    4. Well, it's already twice the size of most RPG porn games, I think you've done a great job of the maps for example, I've never seen so much area you can cover in a game only this far into development. I'm looking forwards to updates!

      Not a massive fan of incest myself, I just love lesbian stuff so much that lesbian incest is a huge thrill for me.
      Lesbian twins *drool,* please don't mention something like that if you don't intend to have it in game XD

      Will there be the option to have sex with pregnant girls or sex with girls whilst pregnant (I know, I have a one track mind, but i can't help it, lesbianism is life lol!)

    5. Well, I don't compare myself to porn games, just to RPGs in general, so I feel like there are a lot of shortcomings (partly because I jumped into development too quickly, when I still had a lot to learn about RPG Maker). I hope to rectify at least the majority of the issues by the time we get to 1.0

      I do have an idea for another game which would involve having a lesbian relationship with twins (so a weird love triangle/threesome), but it depends on which game I'll do next, and we are still talking about 18-24 months before this game is wrapped up, so it's probably not wise to talk about it now.

      Pregnancies will probably be dealt with by cutting the content short at conception or shortly thereafter. There will be some possibilities for sex and corruption of other girls in certain playable endings, though.

  9. is there any interaction with the statues under the exorcist temple?

    1. Nope. They are a small hint as to where Lady Rosa came from, and they also serve as a "distraction" from a secret in the cave.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. found the secret in the cave, also i seems to be stuck on a quest in creepy cave where i can't use the spell on it, despite working in 0.71 version of the game

    4. also if you interacted with the vampire you can't complete the investigation quest?

    5. There is an error where you say that in the first shapeshifter temple there is a mermaid, but it's a dryad

    6. I fixed the issue in the cave, it will be part of the next hotfix for the game (if you play the free version, you might have to wait until next month to see the fix).

      If you interact with the vampire you can't work in the farm anymore, but you might still be able to complete the quest (there should be just enough suspicious things you can learn by talking to people in the farm and collecting one piece of evidence). In the 0.73 version, this will be even easier.

      I'll fix the notes for the mermaid/dryad mismatch ASAP.

  10. Excuse me where can i find the pendant which of the buses should i be checking and how?

    1. You need to use detect magic, and it will show you which one of the bushes "hides" the pendant.

  11. So what is the pendant for?

    1. It affects some of your stats and you get some special text if you nap at home during the day, but nothing too interesting for now.

  12. Where do i find the secret stairs in the barn? And is it the same barn that i get the cow food sample from?

    1. Yes, it's in the same barn. On the other side, there should be a bunch of crates. Most of them are too heavy, but you should be able to find one you can move out of the way, then you get a small puzzle to solve (I would save before starting the puzzle, if I were you ;p).