Monday, January 14, 2019

Miscellaneous progress

Let's see, since last time I've worked a bit on the interface of the game. I made the current chapter visible in the main menu, as well as giving the full name in the journal and leaving a list of the title cards there. I also redesigning the personal info page a little, so that the second page looks similar to the first one, and is a bit more pleasant to look at.
I then Added something more to the bimbo-bikini content to Solina, edited the scenes with Liu (the domme) at the brothel to react to the masochist trait, Added the intro to chapter 4, and added a little bit to noble quest, with the priest having some personal requests to the new countess.
I've also updated the newspaper entries up to Chapter 3, if anyone reads those, as they provide a little reaction to your successes and failures in the quests, as well as some extra info on what's going on in Caliross.
I did some tweaking to the new content (after the testers reported their findings) and I fixed a few bugs here and there.
I'd like to add something more to the first part of chapter 4, and some more stuff to the noble path, as well as consider if I can add a bit more content for the new traits. Other than that, I don't think I can cram much more into this update, but we'll see.
Anyway, look forward to the next update, I'll see you guys next week! ^_^

Monday, January 07, 2019

Weekly dev blog: It's a bimbo? It's a masochist? No, it's Super Erica!*

*Assuming you kept the default name, at least. :^ So, this week I wrote a new scene for Kira, a new scene if you are a bimbo after purchasing the first bikini, to get an even sexier one, a scene for wearing the new bikini, and a scene for masochists at the VIP area of the QoH (you probably know which guy has the new scene, since he already has one scene with masochist content). He can also unlock the trait for you, if you repeat the first scene enough times. Other than this, I have been adding the new piercing, tattoos and clothes in the game (as well as use the pregnant bust for the pregnancies). I still need a few more things to consider, and possibly I'll have to tweak some things (the new piercing doesn't play nice with all the combinations, so I might have to order another version to go with the see-through toga, for example).

I also fixed a few bugs and I added the final touches to the hypnotist. The only thing pending for him is deciding if I want to remove or rebalance the option to raise your stats with him, but I'll wait for testers to give me some feedback on that (I should have a closed test this week).

For the next few days, I'll probably try to add something more to the new traits (so that they do have some meat to them), and then after that I might start working on the noble content and the main quest again. I kind of want some of the stuff in the noble content to develop over time, so having the main quest progress as well is a must.

For this month, I think we'll have a release around the 21st, to make up for the various breaks (work has been on and off compared to the usual, I won't lie). I might try to recover some time in the following months, once the holiday effect is finally over, and I manage to digest everything I ate so far. :p

Anyway, this should be it for now, do let me know if I am forgetting something, or if you have suggestions. Otherwise, see you next week! ^_^

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Happy new year, everyone!

I hope you had a good time. Sorry for skipping this monday, but it kind of slipped my mind because of the festivities. Anyway, I'll try to keep this short, since I am already late. ^_^ 
I finalized how the hypnotist works, although I might still want to consider future revisions once the testers and the players get to play with his scenes, but this should be an acceptable version already. Instead of him sneakily giving you random traits when you ask him to raise your stats, I added an option to ask him help for some "anxiety issues" the protagonist might have. Do you feel insecure about your sexuality? He'll make sure you get the titty lover trait. Do you fear pain? No problem, he'll turn you into a masochist! XD 
Since he is such a dedicated fellow, he'll also have a short scene for each trait, where he'll take your new trait for a spin, so to speak.
I have yet to decide if I want something extra to happen with stat raising, now that I organized things this way. Maybe I should remove the option entirely, since we got the sexy stuff in a different area.
Anyway, having established the trait source, I went ahead and added some extra spice for the bimbo trait in the secretary job, and something extra for the masochists on the Edith's path (you get some new text, some different ones in other scenarios and some of the choices are influenced by the traits as well). I also re-organized her path in general, to make its progression faster. Now the random scenes are separated from her path proper (although they are still affected by your progression through her path). Hopefully this makes all sense and is an improvement over the previous structure.
Thanks for all your support in the past year, I hope I'll be able to keep you entertained in the following one as well. ^_^

Monday, December 24, 2018

Spiraling into Bimbodome

Merry Christmas, everyone! ^_^
Quick report before the holidays inevitably wreck my schedule. I did prepare the basics for the hypnotist content: The character has his little intro, the code is mostly in place, and we have 4 "special" little hypno scenes for the traits. Two of the traits are the good old "titty lover and "exhibitionist", but I added the code and description for "bimbo" and "masochist" as well. If you ever snooped around the debugging tool/area, you might have an idea of how the scene plays out, but here are a few screenshots for those who are unaware:

Of course, the spiral is animated in the game, and the text fades in and out, moves a bit, and all sorts of stuff to (hopefully) keep the short animation interesting.
The hypnotist will be a source of traits and stats, raising your intelligence or willpower (but getting the bimbo trait will limit your max intelligence, so it probably won't do you any good XD).
I have currently set the hypnotists to automatically give you a new trait each time, but maybe we want a random chance there, to avoid filling up all the traits after 4 sessions. I am thinking he won't really get any scenes of his own, since he will already unlock several of them with the traits (maybe just a simple scene, but not a series). Which reminds me, once I am 100% done with him, I'll have to start adding scenes for the new traits, so if you have suggestions for masochist/bimbo scenes, do share them, and if you can think of scenes already in the game that could benefit from a branch for having these traits, let me know as well.
I hope you'll enjoy your holidays, see you next week! ^_^

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

December's release: Kira's Fanclub Appeased

I am here, and I bring you the good news! Which is to say, another update is available, everyone!

Per usual, you can find the free, wild release here, and the super exclusive, while those who are into findomme can find the Patreon version here.

Thank you for your support everyone, enjoy the game! ^_^

Monday, December 17, 2018

Santa is Coming Soon

(Please, appreciate how I restrained myself from making any "cumming" jokes, I am not a naughty developer... Okay, maybe I am, but that's beside the point.)
This week I did some more bugfixing/polishing for the quest (to hopefully tackle all the remaining issues) and I wrote some scenes for Kira and the secretary job. Kira got 4 new scenes for your relationship with her (I gave her relationship a more unusual spin, which hopefully you guys will enjoy), and the secretary job got 2 new scenes and a possible promotion, if you agree to be even more "friendly" to the boss.
As I mentioned before, the release should happen very soon, in the next 2-3 days. I'd like to put some more content in for Kira, so we have enough events for her, and if anything else strikes my fancy as something that would be a worthy addition, maybe I can squeeze it in too. I am also considering a mini-quest, not tied to any guilds or factions, but it might have to wait until after this update.
As for the next release. The winner for the poll was the hypnotist character, I believe, which means adding one or two new traits, and modifying/adding as many scenes as possible to support those new traits. This would also be a new way to gain old traits as well. I have to decide how much I want the hypnotist to matter. I figure a few scenes would be nice, but I don't want to go overboard with him, since there are already a lot of MC characters roaming the country. XD
Anyway, that conversation can wait until the new release hits the virtual shelves. For now, I hope you are having fun with the game and that you are looking forward to the new update. See you guys soon! ^_^

Monday, December 10, 2018

Fangs Fan Fulfilled

So, the testing for the new quest took place, and I fixed the usual list of bugs, polished some things, added some new content, all to make sure everything is fine. I still need to add a detail or two for the aftermath (some comments from guild members depending on how the quest went, and perhaps a scene or two for disappointing your allies, if you have any), but we should be good to go.
Coincidentally, I found a possible new look for the bikini chainmail adventurer among the resources I already have, so if the testers think it's good (once I prepare another closed beta), I might use that, instead of commissioning something else.
I changed the vampire nightly scenes, so that they are not random anymore, and I added 2 scenes to the vampire path. They are not part of the nightly scenes, at least not yet, since I am unsure if I want them to play out automatically, or if I want the player to go visit Beatrix to trigger them.
One of them is related to the quest (since the vampires are one of the involved groups), but I wonder if I should have an alternative scene play out if the outcome is completely negative for them. On the one hand, it's easier to program just skipping that scene if the requirements aren't met, and some would argue that having such a weird sequence for an extra scene is unreasonable (one would need to finish the quest without being a vampire ally, and then do almost the entire vampire path right after). On the other hand, it feels a bit weird to just leave players with nothing. It's worth mentioning, however, that IF you are a vampire follower and you do the quest, the only two possible outcomes are still okay for your overlords, so maybe I am just fretting over nothing.
I did some other assorted typo fixing, mechanics tuning and more, but I had a few interruptions last week, so I couldn't keep up with the schedule I had in mind. I'll probably take a few extra days to recover the lost time, so expect a release around the 20th this month.
The program now is to just cram as many scenes into the game as possible (I am considering adding a basement to your house, so your vampire girlfriend/mistress can move in), and then figure out if there is something else I should do.
Anyway, that's it for today. Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, let me know your thoughts or if I missed something in the comments. See ya! ^_^