Monday, March 19, 2018

Plans for the near future!

So, I unsurprisingly didn't do much since the release, but I did take care of a few bugs (the hotfix will arrive soon, probably tomorrow if no other reports come in), and I started working on some related stuff for the nobility path (the result from the last poll on Patreon really showed how much people want the noble path in the game XD), mainly gathering sprites, picking the tileset, the music, and putting together the throne room (which will be obviously important on such a path).
The most obvious way to get on the noble path will be helping with great success in the alchemy quest, but I'll probably add more ways later on. I have a lot of ideas for this, so hopefully I'll get to add most of them this month (although I doubt I'll be able to finish the path in its entirety).
I'll give a more interesting update next week, when thing are underway, and I can point out things I have added, as well as have an easier time telling you what I'll be working on next. I can tell you that, for the moment, I won't add the entire city in the game. Since this is mentioned only once or twice, people might not know this, but the Empire's capital isn't Tarkas, which is its largest city, but Una in the south (which is where the emperor's lineage comes from).
Anyway, I'll add parts of the castle (all of it if I get the time), and you'll be summoned there and brought back to Tarkas once tha audience is over, kind of like with the ghost quest (which reminds me I should change it a little, since Solina is now actually in the game). I'll need to think of what's the best way to proceed for gaining the noble title, but I assume it will be trying to gain support from some of the nobles on the council. I'll probably have any reputation you have with the guilds help in this regard, and then have some of the nobles from Lord Kairos' party return here (maybe even the lord himself) so we'll get some consequences from how that ended.
Well this is the basic outline to start with, and I think it's good enough, for now. See you next week! ^_^

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Marching tune

We pushed forward for another month, and we got another update to show for it! In case you still don't know it, link to the public version is on my Patreon page, near the bottom of the page.

Here is hoping you have fun with it. ^_^

Monday, March 12, 2018

Greetings from Solina

So, Solina is getting finished, at least as far as the main areas go. The docks indoors are almost finished, the mini-quest is done (it ended up having two different sex scenes, so it might actually have more lewd content than actual gameplay XD), the beach map is done (but since content is still missing for it, I might keep it closed for now, unless I manage to burst out enough for it to be at least enjoyable), and I am in the process of adding a follow-up scene to one I mentioned last week, which should overall give people something to play around with when they explore the city.
As for other content, I am planning on doing a quick update on content already in the game in other areas. Namely, I want to expand on the portable milking station (allowing more choices to the players on where/when to use it, up to a point) and maybe adding another scene for the secretary job. The milking part got the short end of the stick for a while, because I wanted to wait until I had a solution for night time in the game (right now, you get teleported back home, which isn't ideal when you are supposed to be unable to get there). This is important for milking too, because it's a daily activity, and where you are should affect the possibility of using it, if you aren't automatically teleported back home anymore. Sadly, there are a lot of things to consider for this (right now, I am thinking of having options for each city you are in, like finding a hotel, or trying to sleep in the streets, maybe partying all night too), and it's not as straightforward as I'd like. I might need a semi-automated system that updates in which city you are in as soon as you enter it, because there are too many maps per town to simply check which map you are in currently, and even this is prone to errors whenever a quest teleports you to a different area of another city, although this should be a rare occurrance.
Anyway, there are lots of little things to handle when I don't simply teleport you back home, so I decided I should just update the milking, and then add more "reactiveness" to the environment later on, when it will be useful. I'd like at least one somewhat sexy scene when your breasts burst into a deluge of milk, and you lose control and shamelessly masturbate like the cow you are. Maybe I'll give a little extra the more you wait before you get milked, to make it rewarding to risk a milk explosion. This also means I'll have to think how to handle the farm reaction to your debts (as you can see, things can get into a domino effect really quickly XD).
Adding another scene to the secretary job is mainly because I feel like it's a little undercooked right now, so I should give it some love.
The next release is drawing near (I'll aim for a middle of the month release as usual, but if I miss the 15th by a day I won't rip my hair off), and then we can start working on the noble path (the overwhelming winner of the last polls XD). That should be fun (this path will also allow me to add futas to the game, since I had a very specific plan for their appearance in the story). I hope you are looking forward to this update! ^_^
Tanner generously helped me with testing again, so I did some closed testing prior to this release, we'll get a few less bugs, even though he won't be able to test the last minute additions, of course (I did get some useful feedback and bug reports already, so I worked on these as well).

Monday, March 05, 2018

So sleepy...

Yesterday was election day in my country, and I haven't slept as much as usual following the events unfold on TV. So, I'll try to keep this short, and sneak to bed ASAP.
I added Edith's scene to the masturbation options (I obviously picked the foot worshipping one). The scene also got some visuals now (more on this tomorrow, when I'll show the images :D). I am considering rewriting/expanding this one, but it's not 100% sure (maybe it's fine to keep it as it is, since we can work in a progression to how hot things get with her).
I added the fast travel within Tarkas, and moved the random events to it, making it the only way to get random events now (at least, the random events which happen while walking around Tarkas). Right now, I just have one spot per district, but this might need your feedback, if we need more of them (I didn't want to start with a huge list from the get go, and I'd rather hear the opinions of those who'll use it).
The indoor areas for Solina's hub are done, for the most part (I have to decide if I want to work on the docks or the beach next). There is one scene (currently repeatable, but it might not be in the future), so there is something sexy to look forward to (someone pervying on you as you try a bikini), and the mini-quest I planned for Solina is almost ready too.
Oh, and I finally added a damn tutorial to the dancing mini-game in Rahib. It's pretty basic, but it should explain the mechanics reasonably well, plus it gives you a way to try without consequences to dance as many times as you like, so it should be good enough.
This is it for now, time to go to sleep! ^_^

Monday, February 26, 2018

More masturbation and maps... Wait, what?

So, I got most of the masturbation scenes I was planning to add done. Specifically, I added a scene unique to it (which is always available) and I added the "replay" feature for one scene with the Slime girl and one for the bathhouse gang bang. For the slime girl, I picked the first scene you get when you lose, mainly because you can't repeat it normally. On the other hand, since you can win and never unlock that scene, maybe I should change this to the other, repeatable scene.
A downside to the scenes we selected is that they didn't have a switch before today, so that means they won't unlock if you saw the scenes in a previous save, you have to see them at least once after this update will go live. I'll have to review the poll results to make sure, but If I remember correctly, next up should be Edith, and then we should be done with the masturbation scenes for now. If I manage to put a sex-shop in the game for this release, I might also add another scene to the options, where the protagonist uses a dildo, but that's it (I already have the images for that one, so it's really just a matter to have the shop ready).
I have been doing some work on maps for the new city, Solina, I am hoping to have most of it visitable and with some content by next week.
This is the outside of the villa we visit during the ghost quest, as that's located in Solina.
This is the beach, where I'll probably place some fun events, and it will also be one of the backdrops for some shenanigans with Sergeant Ariel (she'll try to drag you along to have some fun with another excuse, of course).
This will be the city's entrance, as well as its main hub, since this is a small city. In fact, I think that if you add the docks to the images I am showing you today, I have pretty much shown all the outdoor areas. I think overall this should be a nice colorful place, a nice contrast to the more somber docks.
I think I'll try to have some sort of mini-quests in Solina or related to the city, which are middle of the road between chain of events like with Sonya and proper quests, so I can give some smut and some gameplay at the same time, without wasting too much time. I think it would also fit with the idea of a small city, to have mostly minor activities in it (I hope to have a few quests in there, of course, but for the time being, I am trying to wrap things up for the release).
For the music I'll be using this track:
It will be less loud and slightly slowed down in the docks, so hopefully I'll get the effect I am hoping for.
I am also working a bit on adding some "lore books" to the library in the first floor of the Mages guild. Since the protagonist is interested in history, I felt the backstory should be shared with the players. Some of it is relevant, but not necessary to the plot, hopefully people will find it interesting once it's all done.
Another thing I have in my short-term plans is to add a fast travel system inside Tarkas, since currently the structure is linear from district to district. I *could* add more roads to connect the commercial district with the slums, but I think that has the potential to make the map more confusing to navigate. The fast travel would also have the benefit of allowing me to "centralize" the random events into it, so I could give them a higher chance of triggering. Still, I felt like mentioning this, to hear what people thought about this change, before going forward with it.
This is it for this week, do let me know what you think in the comments! ^_^

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Will you be my belated Valentine?

As usual, I managed to scrounge together another update this month (sorry for the delayed announcement, but I am still feeling a bit weak, so I decided to just update the Patreon page yesterday, and worry about everything else today). For those who want to play it, the link is near the bottom of the Patreon page, as usual (for the free version, at least).

Enjoy yourselves, and for the love of God don't get the flu like I did, that stuff is nasty!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I am sick!

Thankfully, it's a bit better now, but the last 2 days were rough. My apologies for the delay. Since I am not 100% yet, I'll try to keep this short.
I made most of the basic content for "visiting" the VIP area of the Queen of Hearts as a guest. Right now, there is only one way to do so, by grabbing the VIP pass during Lord Kairos's party, but I'll probably add more. It's still not finished (I want some interactive stuff), but I hope some of the descriptions and the situation in general will be spicy enough. I also wrote a couple more scenes for the hypno-pendant path, specifically for getting "promoted" as Sonya's pet, which also involve the VIP area a bit (as a servant, though).
I was hoping to write one more scene and wrap a few more things up during the weekend, but since I fell sick, I couldn't really do much. If things hold up, I'll be able to get back to work today, and possibly recover the lost time a bit. I was considering adding a secondary entrance for the VIP area, for example, but didn't get around to it, and I still have to write some code to present the new scenes I have written (so far, the new scenes are just sitting in the game without being accessible). Nothing big, but those need to be ready for a release. I was hoping to get it out by 15th, but maybe I'll just take a couple extra days, so I don't need to hurry up.
Anyway, this is all. Look forward to the new release soon ! ^_^