Monday, August 12, 2019

(Un)Dead Tired Relase

My patreon page will set you up with the free version, if you aren't a supporter. As for myself, I'll turn back into a primordial soup, and rest for a week, trying to regain my physical form. Make sure to contact me if there are bugs or if you have suggestions, however.

Monday, August 05, 2019

Vampires and Merchants, What Do They Have in Common?

Other than wanting to suck your blood, I mean. :^
Well, in this specific case, we have a little, seemingly unrelated whiskey shipment, to bring them into a behind-the-scene conflict. Such a secret conflict, they don't even know they are against each other! XD
We'll get to finally explore the military outpost to the north (I am not sure if I'll ever use all the buildings, even if I already mapped them a while ago), as that's the main stage for this event. The quest is meant to have multiple solutions (although your loyalties might affect which ones are available). Your actions will still benefit or hinder the factions even if you aren't tied to them, so it should be interesting. The quest isn't finished yet, but I hope to get it done in the next few days, leaving us with some time for testing before the release, since I plan to release between saturday and monday (I can always delay the release a bit, if necessary). I have the intro and some of the plot-points already added, and I have a good idea for most of the stuff I want to go into the quest, so it should be smooth sailings.
Other than working on the quest, I took care of a few more bugs, and I added 2 scenes. One is a masturbation scene for the bath (taking a bath at home now has some art, regardless of what you do), the other is a scene for getting drunk at the inn.
Finally, I added the possibility for "generic" NPCs to father your children. So far, I just made the drunk guy you can meet during a random event at night as a candidate, but I'll probably extend this to any sex scene that doesn't involve named NPCs in the future (although I am not sure how many there are). I guess brothel work should have a random chance for this to happen as well, maybe I should add it there for the release.
This should be it for the moment. Make sure to comment or send me messages if I forgot anything, or if you have suggestions! Until next time! ^_^
If everything goes as planned, I'll actually take a week off after the release, as I kind of need to recharge. I'll still be available online for the usual stuff, though, such as bug reports and questions. Anyway, I am just letting everyone know, so that nobody is too surprised if the september's release gets pushed to around the 21st.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Vampire Hunters?

It's gotten a bit late in my country (sorry, I was held back by some unexpected stuff), so I'll keep this short.
The vampires' quest is basically finished. It took me longer than expected, because I rewrote a few things I wasn't satisfied with, and because I added some different interactions I hadn't originally planned (having or not having the bimbo trait will play a role into how a certain puzzle plays out, allowing you to circumvent a certain element if you have it, and netting you an extra scene with Lucas, the "beach boy" in Solina). Also, one puzzle got me stuck, as I flipped back and forth on how to make it work. -_-
The quest has some nice sexy bits here and there, and a new scene with Beatrix at the end of the quest, so it should be good enough, now that I wrapped things up.
I also wrote a new scene for the ponygirl slave path, just to keep things going.
I fixed a few bugs, as well, when some reports came up (some of them quite unexpectedly, I must admit).
During the weekend I worked a bit more on TOTDC 2 (I was implementing more basic stuff, like having an extranet with a list of unlocked entries and a search function, character profiles, etc), as I go about recreating as much of the UI functionality I had in the original TOTDC. There is still plenty to do, but hopefully the UI should actually be more pleasant once it's finalized (for better or for worse, RAGS didn't have a customizable look, after all). The hard part might be deciding on the finer details, once I have finished working on the code itself.
Alx also started working on more of the art for it, so I might have something to show you guys, eventually. ^_^
Anyway, this is really about it for this week. Next week should be busy, since I'll have to prepare the art preview for the month, the usual polls and work on more content, but at least we'll have plenty of things to discuss. Talk to you guys soon!

Monday, July 22, 2019

Past and Future Quests

So, this week I expanded a bit the sap gathering, quest (the one with the Dryad), by adding some gameplay to the "Erica becomes a dryad" path. I am debating if I should add a larger event after that, or if I should just close it out with a smaller event and an outro for the path. I also wrote a scene for successfully completing your first task as a nymph, so that should be fun regardless. The gameplay is new, and I might have to tweak it a bit more, but the idea is hopefully interesting, while keeping things simple, and allowing to be re-used if I want to expand on the dryad path a little more.
I also started writing the first quest for the factions, since that's what won the last poll. I'll add a quest for the vampires first, since that's the faction that has the least amount of quests to itself, and then I'll add a quest outside of the guilds, that will have some conflicting sides involved. The easiest one would be a Zanti vs The League of merchants, but we'll see.
This first quest involves taking care of a human investigating the vampires, so you'll be discretly trying to figure out what's the background of this person, and then finally deal with them for/with Beatrix. So far, I wrote the intro, the quest log, and I have some of the puzzles ready. I shouldn't need many new maps, since the NPC will be staying in Solina. I think it's coming together nicely.
I also started writing a new scene for the model job. I think this job needs another 2-3 scenes and it should be done, so I might try to get it finished this month as well.
There is also the "ghost" of the mage guild quest I wanted to do for a while, but we'll see if I finally manage to work it in, somehow.
Anyway, this is it for the moment. I might actually take a week off next month, after the release, because I feel a little tired, but I'd like to get this update done before that. I think a week pause shouldn't disrupt the development, just push the release date a bit, but it should be completely fine.
This is all I have to report for now. As always, leave a comment if there is something you want to tell me! Until next time! ^_^

Sunday, July 14, 2019

New release: Erica's Erotic Explorations

Guess what? Here is your monthly update! Make sure to grab the latest free version from my  patreon page... I-it's not like I want to tempt you into becoming a new patron and play the patron-only update... BAKA! XD

Joking aside, I hope you guys like the new content, enjoy! ^_^

Monday, July 08, 2019

A Bug(s) And Pony show

So, I finished the Dryad quest (at least for now, but I'll need to add a follow-up, eventually), added two scenes for the secretary job (since it was pointed out to me how few scenes there were if you got promoted), added two scenes with the new slave owner (although it's mostly to introduce the setting, your new room, how you got bought and so on), and I released a test version to the testers, which means I got to take care of a few bugs both old and new. I get the feeling I also worked on something else, but I can't remember what right now. :(
Anyway, The release should be more or less a week away. I'll try to squeeze out some more content in the meantime, but I don't think I'll work on that second quest I mentioned, after all. I'll need more time for that, but maybe I can prepare something more for it, and shave off some time for the future.
Look forward to the update, I'll see you guys soon! ^_^

Monday, July 01, 2019

Ghosts, Dryads... And more ghosts

This week I mostly focused on the quest, as I mentioned previously. I think I like how it turned out, although I wish there were more opportunities to interact with NPCs (because of the setting for the quest, it wasn't really possible). I think I should try to have a few more "urban" settings in the future, because they might offer more varied opportunities. Anyway, the quest is mostly finished (although I still need to write something for the possible bad ending), and we have the usual secrets, puzzles and so on.

I also worked a bit more on the scenes I mentioned with the Ghost (Catherine), and I expanded her interactions with you outside the house, giving players a choice on whether they want her to take over for some events, creating some (hopefully) exciting and sexy moments. This also furthers separates the two paths between having her under control or not, as she is only allowed to do so when she is not restricted by Erica.

For the next week, after I finish writing the bad end, I'll try to focus on the new slave owner I want to add, as well as a few miscellaneous sexy scenes, and may start some groundwork for another quest. If possible, I'd like to have this new quest for the release, but it might be hard, considering it's a more sizeable event.
There are a few more things on my list of stuff to do, but I'll wait until next week, so I can give you a more precise estimate of what can end up in the update.
For patrons: expect in the following days the usual art preview and the polls. Many thanks to everyone for the support, and make sure to let me know if there were any issues with the payments, and if I can help you with that in anyway.
Until next time! ^_^