Monday, January 13, 2020

Nimble Noble

So, the new quest is finished, and I wrote two new scenes for Eliza. The new quest is a bit short, but since there are two approaches and one of them is practically one long-ish sexy scene, it ended up being more complicated than I was expecting. I also had to re-do some content as I was debating whether I should have the two paths or if I should try to turn it into one, slightly longer quest. In fact, I might still change my mind, and make it work like one big event (I feel that would make for a better experience).
Anyway, up next is more content for Golden Leaf, as I anticipated last week. I hope to tie some of the scenes in this quest/event to other stuff you can do as a noble, to make it more fun and give a bit more meaning to the various interactions we have had with the NPCs so far.
I don't think there were any other interesting developments to report, so I'll keep this post shorter, since it's a bit late right now where I live (I procrastinated a bit too hard today XD).
Let me know if I am forgetting anything, and look forward to next week! ^_^

Monday, January 06, 2020

Is It Monday Again?

Gosh darn it! How does it always manage to sneak up on me!?

Anyway, I am working on more noble content this time around. Specifically, I am taking this opportunity to introduce a new character at court (the ambivalent Secretary of Commerce Vash), and give players another chance to meet with Duke Kito and his son. Will you discuss things with the Duke, or flirt with the love-struck son to get your way in this next quest? You'll have to find out when the new release arrives, since the quest isn't finished yet! :p

The plan for the week is to finish this quest, and then write some more content (sexy and normal) for Golden Leaf. Eliza will get some more content for sure, and we'll have Erica host a noble party (assuming the city and the mansion are in reasonable shape) to impress her new peers and make her debut as a noble. We'll see how many blunders she'll accumulate.

I also did some writing for the next part of the short story (for the ones interested in that) following the results of the poll. I think I have a nice idea for it, so the hypno scene should be suitably hot (perfect for the winter season). XD

Anyway, that's all for now. As always, make sure to contact me for anything you might need about the game, or if I forgot anything. Have fun! ^_^

Monday, December 30, 2019

So. Much. Food!

I survived the holidays so far, and I only gained 500 pounds and perhaps diabetes, so I think I did a pretty good job! XD
Joking aside, I didn't do much work on Caliross, I hope nobody minds. I did fix the reported issues, and since nothing new popped up, I'll probably upload the hotfix tomorrow. I did some planning for the update (it will be focused around the royal court and noble gameplay in general). I'd like to add something I wanted to work in for a while, hosting a party at your mansion for the other nobles. I'd also like to get Erica involved in some intrigue at court (just some minor political maneuvering) and perhaps finally throw in the first few "queen path" steps. I'd like to add other stuff, bringing more paths closer to completion, but since this is going to be a short month because of the holidays getting in the way, I'd rather not be too ambitious, so we'll see.
I did some work in the little free time I had for TOTDC 2, taking a few more steps toward a proper demo, so I did end up still working a bit, but nothing too time intensive, a perfect fit for the little breaks I got from my relatives. XD
I hope you guys will have fun tomorrow, I'll try to survive yet another gargantuan meal, and then I'll get back to work as normal. ^_^

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Late Release/Early Christmas

As I wait for the new Patreon version to upload, I might as well start sharing the presents (open the link only if you have been good this year XD). The latest public version has been updated to 0.95.

As always, you can find a link in my Patreon page here, while you can see the changelog here.

Have fun! ^_^

Monday, December 16, 2019

Quick recap, coming through!

So, I finished the two quests I set out to prepare for the month. I'll upload the file for the testers soon, and tomorrow I'll start working on adding some more scenes/content while I fix the inevitable bugs as the testers reports come in.
I think the quests came out well, and they should lead nicely into some bigger content to wrap up the guilds. I have a few choices for the additional content, but I'll try to prioritize anything that I believe is easy to put together, so I can cram as much of it as possible in the next few days.
I'd like to release the new update around the 19th of the month. Preparing the maps took a bit longer than expected (and I still need to add a few locations), but I figure that finishing non-vital content can wait for after the holidays, and I'd rather not get swamped into adding more while on a very strict timetable at this point of the month.
Not much else to say, really. I hope to get some suggestions on how to improve the quests further from the testers, but I am already happy with them, and I think I managed to get enough testing of my own that the quest shouldn't be too buggy, so it should be smooth sailings on that front.
Look forward to the update! ^_^

Monday, December 09, 2019

Sluggish Monday

So, one of the quests is almost finished, but I got some extra bugs, typos and small glitches to hunt down this week, so I didn't do as much progress as I was hoping for. It didn't help that today I was kind of tired and had some errands to run, so I didn't have as much time as usual. Oh well, I'll just have to make up for it in the coming days. 

One of the quests has some familiar faces and is building up to the final quest for the adventurers guild, and the other quest should start the same process for the mage guild.

Other than that, I got some more world-building and maps for the new city made, since it will be where these quests are located (a good way to introduce the city with some content, before I flesh it out in future updates).

Not much to say, really. Right now I just need to put in some effort to translate my plans into gameplay, mostly (I think I have the story hooks all prepared in my mind, and one of the quests already has all the context it's ever going to need).

This should be everything for now. If you have any questions, make sure to abuse the comment section below. See you guys next week! ^_^

Monday, December 02, 2019

Quest Juggling

So, it's that time of the week and that time of the month again. Thanks everyone for the support. ^_^
As for the weekly progress, I fixed a few bugs and I am working on multiple quests. I have been creating puzzles and maps for 3 of them. Why so many? A few reasons. One is that I was working on compiling a few tilesets, so I decided to put in a little more effort and try to get everything I need for a few areas in the game that aren't still explorable, another is that I'd like to have at least one extra quest for both guilds, the other is that I have a map ready for a "major" quest for the mage guild, so I am putting some work in that one as well. I'd like to tie a good chunk of it to the opening of Zanark, a small city south of Tarkas. It's supposed to be where Alec and his Master live, where a major library is located and is also the "ancestral home" to name a few things.
I might also add the visit to the mansion if you are a noble and got Kairos's vote in exchange for the titjob, even if it isn't a quest (I mean, might as well add something which is strictly for fun, if I am adding the new city). Once I wrap all of this up, I'll take care of some more loose ends already in the game (as always, input and suggestions on those are welcome).
If you are one of the 25$ donors or higher, and you haven't made any suggestions yet, make sure to contact me, if you have an idea about what you want. As we get closer and closer to the end of the game I might reach a point where I have to stop accepting more extra scenes, so make sure you let me know as soon as you have made up your mind.
For this month's art preview and polls, expect them by tomorrow or the day after at the latest.
...And that's all for the week! As always, if I forgot something, make sure to poke me in the comments, otherwise, I'll just go back to sleep. :^
See you soon! ^_^