Sunday, March 19, 2023

March Update

 March marches and so does Caliross (how's that for an alliteration?)!  This month, like every other month, we celebrate the mystery of the perpetual development of this game and how we are always three months away from version 1.0*.  Download the game here or at Check the changelog here, and wonder if I am just making it all up or if it's actually in the game.

*If a developer codes in the woods but he has no patrons, does the game update? Pondering this question is what is slowing the game's progress down.**

**It's actually feature creep, but what can I do? I HAVE to add more content, I can't help it!

Monday, March 13, 2023

The Return Of The Quick Recap

 So, I worked a LOT more than anticipated on the "Truth or Dare" event which was the winner from the poll. I think it got long enough, I might have to reconsider and split it in two different dates. For now, I'll ship this version to the testers, and look for their feedback.

I also finished the new classes, including the reward for finishing the first 3 puzzles, similarly to the previous set so of lessons. I got blindsided by the event I mentioned above, so I didn't accomplish much else. As a result, I might delay the release for a couple of days (saturday or sunday, instead of friday).

I'll keep this short, since I worked a bit beyond the usual time to wrap this up, so I'd like to get some rest for the day. Look forward to the update, and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions! ^_^

Monday, March 06, 2023

Behind Schedule, Ahead of the Curve?

 Things didn't quite work out as I envisioned them last week, but I got some stuff done anyway.

I wrote 2 scenes for the "bubble butt bimbo"/"free use" content/path. I am not 100% sure if I'll keep them as is or, or slightly tweak them, though, since I kind of like the bumbling fool of a student who likes bimbos, and maybe I should let him keep his meetings with Erica a completely separate deal from the other stuff. For now we just have a mind-control themed intro to the "free use" path, as a result of getting busy as a bimbo in the bathroom, and that's probably how it's going to stay for the release.

I prepared the new mechanics for the new set of classes you can attend, and I wrote some of the intro, although I have yet to write the introduction to the puzzle mechanics themselves. They are similar to one part of the practical exam, so it's not an alien concept, but it still needs some guidance for the differences. I didn't get to add more to Selina's lessons, though, which is a bummer but preparing the new mechanics took me longer than expected.

I made a couple of maps for the orc village, and I think I have selected and prepared most if not all the tilesets I need for the rest. I am also debating if I should have both orcs and goblins in one place, and what sort of relationship they might have if they do live together.

Anyway, that's all I got for you guys today. This week I'll try to get most stuff ready for testers, and then the week after that I should release the update around friday. In the meantime, the patrons-only art preview and polls should hit soon. Until next time! ^_^

Monday, February 27, 2023

Sticking To The Plan

 As I mentioned last time, I ended up doing work on the walkthrough last week, for the most part. This week we get back to the academy, mapping for future content, and whatever small tasks might fit the schedule, if there is an opening.

While I was detailing some of the scenes of the ponygirl path in H-scenes list, I also found something slightly unfinished (we get no more "training" for being rebellious past the early stage). I might have to write one more scene for it. I also need to get more art for the path, so we'll likely get some eye candy for it in the Patreon april release.

Going back to the main focus of the week, I should try to setup the next set of lessons. We should get a new mini-game to go with the new prof and his lessons, and perhaps 3 more puzzles to go with Selina's lessons. She still needs 2 scenes to wrap her sexy content up, but I am not sure if I'll tackle this later on. Right now, I want to keep going with the "bubble butt bimbo" event, since I plan to have it evolve into a "free use" scenario which should be quite hot, and work as the kind of repeatable situation that doesn't involve any important NPC.

If I can make a map for the Orc village and something for the Outcasts missions, all the better. I find mapping is a good alternative to writing if I get stuck or I need to figure out some details first, so having something like that in the works is always good for overall productivity, as I can just do that while I think about writing in the background.

Anyway, this sounds already plenty for a week (might require a bit more time, depending on how well things go), and this post is probably plenty as well. See you next week for the usual progress report. Until next monday! ^_^

Monday, February 20, 2023

The Post-update Peace

The game got a release this weekend, and I got some rest today. Starting tomorrow, however, it's back to work! The focus should still be the magic academy, of course, but I'd like to do some mapping for future content as well (the orc village and the Outcasts storyline). First things first, however, I might have to work some more on the walkthrough. I wanted to do it last month, but I pushed for some more content in the academy (and I also did some work on TOTDC 2), so I couldn't find the time to work on that as well.

Patrons might get a new hotfix soon, since I got a report for an annoying bug (not a game-breaking one, though), but I think that's pretty much it for the short term news.

Let me know if any issues pop-up, and I'll be here next week to let you know how things are going. Until next time! ^_^

Saturday, February 18, 2023

February Update

 Ah, february!  The best month to speculate on people's loneliness with some adult games! No need for a girlfriend, daddy Caliross can be your valentine forever!* Download the game here or at Check the changelog here, and contemplate the life choices which lead you here afterward.

*I mean, the game was going to take forever anyway, at least now I can add panty-shot micro-transactions to REALLY make it scummy.**

**I am just joking. Let's not give EA any ideas, or they might just release a FIFA dating sim DLC.

Monday, February 13, 2023

More Content

 This week I added the first encounter with a group of mean girls in the academy. There are a few possibilities in how you handle this, and it will affect your relationship with the "queen bee". Eloise got a mini-quest for you (if you didn't help her over Charles) and the shower scene now is worked into this context (you won't be able to meet her showering if you don't do the mini quest first, or if you aren't friends with her already).

Both these chararacters got some minor adjustments in the quest you can do finding the familiar at the academy (the dialogue tries to reflect your current relationship with them, to an extent), so we don't get logical conflicts.

The professor got a new scene if you daydream in her class and she already hypnotized you, leading to some fun "discipline".

I think I added some other small changes, but the weekend was mostly spent getting the version to the testers, and fixing the bugs they found.

Friday or saturday we'll get the new update. Meanwhile I'll probably work on Charles, a bimbo-themed scene, and whatever else I can put together before the release. No new professors yet, since I only want to include those if I can get them ready for testers first (since there are various things we can work on, it seems fine to delay these a bit while I do something else).

This should be all the news for now! Look forward to the release, and let me know if you have any questions! ^_^