Monday, January 15, 2018

Fun for all the family

So I finished the improvements to the "farm investigation" quest, (now the requirements to complete it successfully are slightly higher, but there are more clues you can find, and getting all of them nets you money and the merchant pass at the same time). I also made the pass functional in a quick way, so you can pass through the northern area if you have it now (I still need to write content for the place, so for now it's still impossible to visit, you just get "teleported" past it).
I did some work around Tarkas (and a tiny bit in Rahib) to add conversations for chapter 2 with the NPCs. They are mostly inconsequential, but I think it's nice for them to acknowledge change. If you think some NPCs in particular should have more to say about anything, please let me know. It's hard to keep track considering how many there are, so I might miss some obvious chances at having new lines or quests, etc.
I worked on some of the maps, specifically I made a damn nice port for Rahib (which I expect will come in handy soon), I almost finished one for a new city (only the map without NPCs, though), and I am working toward adding a port to this city as well, so I can get a ship service going between east and west (as a VERY costly alternative to the merchant pass). This all needs to come together once I decide how to handle being unable to go back home. Right now you get teleported there whenever it's too late, but we need an alternative if we can't do that (and it might be a little too lazy as an approach to solving the issue anyway). I might actually make this a poll, since I have conflicting ideas, and I can't really seem to make up my mind.
I did some more work on the circus. Not yet a finished experience, but there is a new mini-game (one where you test your strength... By hitting enter when the bar which goes up and down is at its fullest), and I am starting to sort out a way to make the mini-games interesting (you win tickets which you can exchange for prizes). I still need to decide on all the prizes, though... >_< I also did a few minor changes to the maps themselves, and I'll add a night closure as well as some NPCs which to animate things a little. I do have plans for when it's fully done, but I am taking it slow, since it's all secondary stuff nicely segregated from the rest of the game.
In the next few days, I'll work on the new secretary job (so we can use the new artwork), but if I can't close it out soon, I might wait for the next release (I feel like we do have enough content for a release anyway), it's better to do this right, after all (maybe if I tackle it with a full month ahead of me, I can finish it up in one go, so we don't have to update it later on).
The poll results also decided what I'll be working on after this release, with the Queen of Hearts being very slightly ahead of the slums. I'll try to close out the QoH scenes as much as possible, so that I won't have much left to do afterward (but between the stripper work and the VIP area, I assume I might not be able to complete it 100%).
This is pretty much it, but do let me know in the comments below if I forgot anything, need to explain something else, or whatever else comes to your mind. Have fun! ^_^

Monday, January 08, 2018

Best maid job ever (and currently the only one available anyway)

So, I worked on the Brooding Dragon inn, as I mentioned last week. I re-worked some things, as I did with the bakery store:
I changed the behind the scenes stuff, reduced the odds of nothing happening (and "merged" the ones who did this in vaguely similar ways), I added two scenes to the "peeping" chain of events with the the married couple (now you can actually join them ^_^), added a follow-up to the improvised modeling job (as well as fixed a few issues with it), introduced increasing wages to working as maid (unlike the bakery, it's a permanent increase no matter what, up to a maximum of 70 G). I also moved one of the scenes outside of the random events (an NPC will spawn the day after you worked for the second time there), so that we solve the issue with ever growing numbers of less important events at the inn.
I was actually considering splitting them into "day" and "night" shifts, so it's easier for people to see the content they want, but it might be overkill for just some secondary content, so I left it as it was for now. I'd like a better way to get the scene with the sailor, though, maybe I'll make it so when you enter the building he actually approaches you, from time to time (that way we get the scene anyway, and the random list doesn't get too long).
I worked a bit on the quest, as I mentioned, but I didn't finish adding what I wanted there (I just need some time, it shouldn't be too hard to improve it).
I also did some minor improvements to the circus, of all things (mainly because it's so unfinished it was getting on my nerves). I am not sure if I'll finish overhauling this one for this release, but at least the presentation and the general idea will be improved, and we should get at least some rewards for a few of the mini-games. I think I might eventually add something spicy for this area, I think it would be a great fit for a magician/hypnotist kind of character.
I fixed some typos and a couple of bugs, too.
I think this is it, at least for now. I'll make sure to post the preview of this month's artwork soon (only for patrons, due to Patreon's policy about NSFW content, and not wanting to double post images everywhere), possibly tomorrow, but other than that I don't have anymore communications to make. As always, have fun, and see you around! ^_^

Monday, January 01, 2018

Happy new year, everyone!

Time flies quickly, it's already 2018. I hope everyone had a nice new year's eve! ^_^
Following up on the polls, I have been working on the jobs available in the game. Specifically, I tackled the bakery store. Now Clark has new looks (including a face during dialogues and a bust), I re-worked how the job progresses (now you can actually say no to Clark, and have a pretty boring job), you can progress further in your "relationship" with him (meaning you can become "sex buddies", basically, and you get a selection of 3 random scenes before the usual work shenanigans happen, and all the new scenes are sexy in nature), and I also gave people a way to earn a bit more through it (if you become more than friends, he pays 70 G all the time, while if you keep some distance you can earn a bit more, but you have to show up everyday, or the raise will reset. You can earn 80 G max this way).
One of the scenes also has illustrations to go with it (more on this when I'll show off this month's art commissions), so overall I think the job is much better now. There are things which I am unsure about, and I'll need your feedback to address. For example, I mentioned the sexy scenes will play out before the usual bakery scenes, but perhaps this makes the job too long, and maybe we should keep the sex scenes and the work separated. I also mentioned how you can say no to Clark, and how the job becomes... Well, boring, maybe we could add a mini-game to make it more interesting and earn more? I assume people will just take on the job which has the more fun content for them, but maybe something extra like this might be what the game needs.
I'll probably try to address the Dragon inn job as a maid next. It does have a fair amount of content, but it might need to be re-organized a bit, and we should get a few follow-up scenes to some of the unfinished encounters.
I also would like to polish up/expand the last quest I added a little bit, because I feel it was a little short. I already have a couple of additions I know I want to make, which should improve the experience/add a couple of puzzles and scenes to the whole thing.
After all this is done, I'll see how much time I have left, and decide on what to work next. There are some other unfinished/unpolished parts in the game:
for example, I blocked the mountain pass in chapter 2, but you can still take the cart to ride between Tarkas and Rahib. This was there mainly to ensure I didn't strand people by mistake, since the content is fairly new and there might be bugs, so I left this as a safety net. I'd like to have ports in the games, so you can sail between east and west, as an expansive but possible way to address this issue if you can't find a merchant pass or other solutions to the closure of the normal route. This of course means having to map at least a port in Rahib, and prepare a new town/city in the eastern area of the continent.
Speaking of which, sooner or later I should expand the map a bit more, maybe this wll be the topic of the next poll.
As you can see there is plenty of stuff to do, you guys should always make sure to remind me if there are glaring, obviously unfinished stuff, since the game is quite big, and I don't play it myself, so such simple things might still slip my mind.
Anyway, thanks for all the support during last year, I hope I at least gave you some enjoyment back with my game, and I hope things will keep getting bigger and better. See you next week! ^_^

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Another update is here!

December's update is out, so we also get an update to the free version, available on my Patreon page (link near the bottom, as always).

Merry Christmas, everyone! ^_^

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


I didn't do much last week because I had to deal with some family issues, which forced me off the PC. I'll consider this my vacation for the year, since it happened near Christmas (and I also spent some of my free time playing Arkham Knight, which I didn't like, by the way). :p

The next release will be this week (hopefully in 2-3 days), I just have to get around and complete the damn quest. My apologies for the delay, but I was really blindsided by IRL events, so I wasn't able to focus on development as usual.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Emergency broadcast (but not really)

There are strong winds blowing and the light keeps coming and going, so I'll be short. The quest is almost completely done, I did some bugfixing on the new mouse system, I have been preparing some basic content here and there for the chapter system (so that you can get some new dialogues when the chapters move forward), and I have also done some basic work for a new job (I might postpone this to the next release).

Look forward to a more informative post next time, sorry for the brevity! 

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Some habits never change!

I ended up being busy with some IRL stuff, and then I completely forgot to write this yesterday, so my apologies for that.

As for what I did, I worked on the mouse-less system for spellcasting (I need another proper round of testing from the people helping me, but I think I should be done now).

I finished working on the mail system. I actually found a good script, so I just had to edit it and then put it in the game properly (as well as add some starting letters). I'll need to write a few more of those, to test it and also to make some communications easier, but it works just fine already.

I did finish the whole tattoos and piercings stuff (look forward to some preview for the new art of this month soon), the choices are a bit meager, (2 types of nipple piercings, 3 nose piercings, one belly button piercing), but compared to before, it's already a step up. If only I had planned for this better when I started working on the game, things would be much easier, instead I am forced to gut old systems and replace them with more adequate ones from time to time, but I guess this is a lesson for the future.

I have started working on a new quest. You'll finally be able to investigate the Zanti family shady business... Unless you are already their slave, in which case, you'll help cover it up. It's not finished yet, but I think it will be fun. :)

That's all for today! As always, let me know if I am forgetting something. Also, I can't remember if I mentioned it here, but I have plans for a FAQ and a help page on the Patreon. If you have any suggestions for those, let me know. See you next week! ^_^