Monday, September 28, 2020

Sexy, Sexy Walkthrough

So, it's been another "h-scenes list/walkthrough" week for the most part. I probably shouldn't spend too much time updating the old notes, but it's helping readability and I am also adding more details, so it's hard to stop at this point. The quest list is up-to-date again, and now I just have the miscellaneous stuff at the end to worry about. As always, make sure to nag me if you find something is missing there, since I am writing this a long time after I added certain elements to the game.
Other than that, I worked a bit on a new intro for the Kairos visit (he'll send his butler with a carriage to get you the first time), and I started writing some more for the next few scenes.
I'd like to work on the visit and on more content for the harem path this week, so that works out just fine. After those, it's probably going to be the preliminary work for the mage guild main quest finale. It shouldn't be a long quest, but I plan to have a fair amount of dialogues (it's going to have a "debate" of some sorts), so it's still going to take time to get it together.
Beyond that I don't have anything planned, but depending on how much progress I make on the quest, I have enough notes on things I'd like to tackle (like monster pregnancies, more unique items in stores, adding libraries and uses for them) that it shouldn't be difficult to pick something to fill a spot an empty spot in my schedule, should there be any.
I did handle some more bugfixing and typos, but since the bugs were relatively minor, no hotfixes are scheduled.
Next week we should have the usual polls and art preview, so look forward to those, but other than that, there should be nothing else to report. See you next week! ^_^

Monday, September 21, 2020

Old Forts and Old Farts


If you want to solve the riddle of this post's title... You'll have to become a patron! (or check the changelog).

For those of you who dare venture the free version, expect ponies, cows and futanaris (boy, when I put it this way, it sounds even more perverted than it actually is). No bestiality though, so you have been warned (and confused).*

The new free version can be found on my patreon page here, (or here at while you can check the changelog here.

*I am usually confused by the presence of bestiality anywhere, so this makes us even.

Monday, September 14, 2020



Super quick, because I am running a little late today. This week I fixed a decent amount of bugs, typos, and minor issues in dialogues, Worked some more on the walkthrough (I am surprised by how much stuff needed some touches here and there), and then I focused mostly on the new quest.
It took me longer than expected to iron out some of the kinks in the quest, but I should be able to send a test version to the testers tomorrow, I think. That means I might have to split the content I wrote so far for Kairos between this release and the next one (one week might not be enough to put in order everything I wrote so far), especially since I'll need to take care of the usual pre-release stuff as well.
I expect a release on the 21st or 22nd, unless things go super smoothly and I can get the update out by friday/sunday.
That's all for today. To find out whether the new release hits this week or the next, you'll have to follow me closely on ALL the social media (and by that I mean, either my blog or my patreon page)! XD
See you soon! ^_^

Monday, September 07, 2020

Walkthrough Archeology


So, in last week's news, I have been working quite a bit on the walkthrough. Turns out there were quite a few things that could be improved in the older sections, so I spent more time than I'd care to admit changing things here and there (having to re-tread years old quests takes some extra time), hopefully improving readability and giving more information on certain quests.
Next I did work on the adventurers guild quest. I think I am almost finished with the puzzles (just need to figure out one last bit), the dialogues are at a decent point and the mapping is finished as well. I just need to decide whether or not I want combat in the quest. Maybe I can have combat which is avoidable if you figure out a way to avoid the confrontation.
I did a tiny bit of work on the visit to Lord Kairos, but mostly I have been considering the overall structure, and if I want to add more content to it. It feels like there should be something like 3-4 scenes and a bad ending if you go along with him, but I also need to figure out what I want to happen if you refuse him (probably I need a noble quest at court, where he can be a nuisance). I also need to figure out what to do with his son. Like, do I want you to flirt around with both, or should it be mutually exclusive? I can probably figure that out after I finish the encounter with his father. I should probably also separate the event into multiple visits, if you keep being "nice" to him.
Anyway, that's the recap for the week. I am a bit disappointed I didn't do as much progress as I wanted to with Lord Kairos, but it is what it is. Nailing most of the details for the quest and its puzzles is still a good thing, so I should be happy about that, instead.
That's all for today, stay tuned for more irrelevant tangents and vague info about the game! See you next week! ^_^

Monday, August 31, 2020

New Adventures and Old Friends(?)


So, last week, I ended up working on a couple of things. I have been writing some content/scene for the visit to Lord Kairos and I have been mapping/coding for the next adventurers' guild quest. I also did some minor work on the walkthrough early on, but I should work some more and also add the latest quest to the list soon.
For Lord Kairos, I wrote a fair bit, but I have been shifting between 2-3 key moments I wanted to tackle, so while I wrote enough for 2 or 3 scenes, none of the events are complete yet. I am questioning whether or not I should add the outside area of the mansion, since I am not sure I'd ever use it for something relevant (but then again, if I make the area re-visitable, I should probably do at least that much).
For the adventurers quest, I have finished the map for the main area + a couple of secondary rooms, and I prepared 2-3 puzzles to begin with. I also planned most of the event, although I am still thinking about a couple of points. This questline isn't story heavy, so it's mostly details for how I handle the NPCs in the area. This is a continuation of your quest with the other 2 adventurers, so I'd also like to make use of their skills multiple times, now that the previous quest sort of established what kind of support they can offer (at least a little bit).
Not much else to say, I think. With the new month, we'll soon get the usual art preview and poll for the game, so you can look forward to those (I figure I'll get them out near the end of the week or at the start of next week). I'll see you guys next time! ^_^

Monday, August 24, 2020

No News Good News?


Since the release was just a couple of days ago, there isn't much to report from last week that you guys don't know. I have been busy answering questions about the update and whatnot, fixed a solitary bug so far, and generally handling the post-release activity.
For the next month, I'd like to work on at least 2 out of 3 things (then depending on how much time I have left, either some scenes or maybe complete all 3 of these):
  • Visiting Lord Kairos in his mansion;
  • Write the next quest for the adventurers guild;
  • Write the next quest for the mage guild (this one might be the last for the "main story" of the guild);
Visiting the mansion is the first one I'll work on. I already have a map ready in the game, and it should be a fun event. It will be nice to see the previous interactions change things here and there, and I think I can get some sexy and interesting material out of it.
The two quests I have a good idea of what I want to do. The adventurers will need some map work, however, so I need to think carefully and see if I can possibly finish it this month or if I should spread the workload over a longer period of time.
The mage guild quest could be complicated for the dialogues, but it doesn't have any other particular requirements (I could even do it without a new map, although I'll probably use one, in the end).
Other than this, I'd like something for the werewolf path, and perhaps I should add something for monster pregnancies, but other than this I'll probably decide later on what else to try and tackle (assuming there is enough time).
On a different topic, I was wondering how good these weekly posts are, and if there is anything you guys feel like it's missing. I try to keep things vague to avoid spoilers, but perhaps you'd like me to go into more detail? Do you want me to talk about technical, behind the scenes stuff if there is anything like that? Should I tell you what I am trying to achieve with certain scenes?
If you have any suggestions or thoughts on the matter, do let me know. These are to keep you informed, after all, it would be nice if you get the info you want. XD
That's all for now, see you guys next time! ^_^

Saturday, August 22, 2020

August Update: Proper Ponygirls, Happy Harems, and more!

This month, on the public, free version of Caliross:

Ponygirls! Werewolves! Time Travel (actually, I just went back on some old stuff to update/improve it, but it's like I went back and changed the past, so it technically counts). All of this, for the low-low sum of 00.00!*

The new free version can be found on my patreon page here, (or here at while you can check the changelog here.

*We reserve the right to change the EULA at any future point in time, to tweak the requested sum. Any changes to the EULA are retro-active, and by looking at it you waive any rights past, present and future you might have.