Sunday, June 16, 2019

To Love Ariel

The Caliross train keeps chugging along! For the free version, check my patreon page.


Monday, June 10, 2019

Slave Erica Best Erica?

This and many more questions will be answered with this post (but not really)!

First, however, another reminder that I am charging twice this month, to make up for my mistake of not charging anyone the previous month. While I am always here in case you need me to refund you (in case you joined recently and get charged an extra without good reason), here is a link to an explaination on how to limit how many times a creator can charge you in one month:

Basically, you can set things up so that you don't get charged more than once per month, so in case any of you have joined very recently, you have an easy way to avoid paying for a month you weren't a part of. Sorry again for all the problems, now let's get back to the dev blog proper.

This week, I worked on a new scene for the slave path (we get a "celebratory moment" with Master Han), and a mini-quest to get the new slave ready (assuming you won the contest, of course). It's something simple, mainly to add a bit more variety. I should also add something extra for the end of the path. I assume at this point the content should just repeat itself, with the option to get a bad end and finish things up. I need to consider if I want the piercings you can get during the contest to have some special content, but maybe I should just turn the piercings into temporary ones, instead (I wrote the descriptions for them and I added them to the personal page info, but I am not sure if it's worth adding content for them, after all). I added a scene for visiting the farm if you brought them any new cows (right now, this is only true for Eliza), which should grow over time as we add more girls to join you. I already have the image for Keiko, so we just need to write a scene for her. Other than this, I worked on some maps for new areas, as I mentioned before. I am not sure they'll be visitable in this version, so I should at least show you some screenshots. None of these are 100% finished, but the basic design is already there:


This last one should be part of a quest where you'll be infiltrating a party. I designed it with several entry points in mind, so I think it should be a fun playground for the quest .

Now, I need to check a few things, and polish things up for testers (they should get a version likely tomorrow or the day after), then I'll see if I can rush out a few things I wanted to make for this version (a quest, and a scene or two). The new release should happen this weekend, barring any complications.

As always, make sure to let me know what's on your mind in the comments. Until next time! ^_^

Monday, June 03, 2019

Ariel & Erica status: shipped?

First of all, a warning to all patrons in case you missed the previous post and the message I sent to everyone. I'll be charging twice this month, to make up for the fact that I didn't charge anything last month by mistake. If there are any issues, please do let me know if we can work it out, or consider stopping your donations for a month, in case this isn't agreeable. Also, thanks to all those who confirmed me they have no problem with this. It really means a lot to me! Now, for the dev blog proper! I wrote two more scenes for Ariel, finishing her path. We might have more content tied to her (especially as a potential captain for Golden Leaf) but the "romance" is more or less finished, barring any extra polish. I am not sure if a proper, more "romantic ending" would fit with the rest of the game, so I didn't add it, but maybe it's worth considering that as a question for the testers. In the next version, you'll be able to visit the bathhouse while pregnant, and keeping with the usual setting, visiting during the day gives you some simple interactions with the other girls at the bath, while visiting at night can potentially lead to a new sexy encounter (if you are slutty enough to be able to enter the men's bath). I also added triplets, and gave them a 10% chance for now. This might be subject to change, but I figured for now it should be good enough. I might have to add a debugging tool to guarantee triplets, for testing, so people can also get that many kids at will. I worked a bit on the slave content, specifically on the contest. Now there is a proper ending for the mind breaking result, and I added some extras for people with the bimbo, exhibitionist and masochist traits (some of the comments are mutually exclusive, to avoid inconsistencies or miles long intros). I did some minor work on new maps as well, since I'll need that for one of the remaining cities that aren't in the game yet. It took me a bit of effort, since it's kind of unusual, but I think I found the right look for it. Anyway, this is it for the week! I'll probably publish the new poll tomorrow, and the art preview the day after, so look forward to those. See you next time! ^_^

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Ariel. Abashed. Adorable. Pervert.

Ooops! Forgot to write up the weekly dev blog... Here on the blog XD At least, I hope I manage to get at least 2 out of the 3 from the title across. This week I wrote 3 scenes for her (I might try to do some extra work and write the last one this evening or tonight, if inspiration strikes), so we get some more sweet moments, as well as more sexy ones. We also got 2 CGs coming up for her, so expect to see a preview of those near the start of the month, as usual. Some other content related to Ariel is the possibility to pick her as the captain for Golden Leaf (I had mentioned this in the hotfix post, together with one of the scenes, If I remember correctly) so we hit two birds with one stone. The recruitment also has a scene, although it's not sexual of course (but hopefully, it should be comedic XD). I want to have the captain choice to have some effects, and I am also considering a possible monster attack to the city, which would be affected by how you mantained the city, and whether or not you implemented suggestions from the various captains, but we'll see). Since I was working on the city, I went ahead and added a few more reactions to how you administer the city. Some people might have a gift or two for you, if your actions have benefitted them, and the shopkeeper for Terranigma will give you some of his thoughts, if you ask him. Also, if you do poorly, you'll get a protest at the mansion if you sleep there in chapter 4, although I hope nobody does so poorly as to see this scene. I added the bathhouse men to the pool of people that can get you pregnant, and I also added a way to "retire" outside of the conversation with the doctor (if you talk to the nun at the institute, you can pick which one of the fathers you want to end up with, and trigger his final scene). Once I write Ariel's last scene, I'd like to do some more work on the pregnancy-related content, and then I'll see what to do next. It's probably going to be a quest of some kind, ideally for the mage guild, so I can start preparing for the main story line there. I hope I can give it a good pacing, so the plot progresses naturally. I'd also like to expand the slave path(s) and then I'll see where I find myself. Hopefully, I do all of this in 2 weeks, meaning that I'll have another week for something extra. This will also be a chance to have quests where we interact with NPCs, so we can get some work out of the various stats and traits, as well as use creatively some of your spells. It should be pretty fun. ^_^ This is all for the week, so I hope there is something here that interests you. Until next week! P.S. Almost forgot. This is more of an informal question, and if I ever decide to give it more consideration, I'll probably use a poll first, but I'd like to ask people how they feel if I were to increase the minimum tier from 2 to 3 dollars. A complaint I hear often is that there aren't enough CGs in the game, but I am trying to keep my income a bit high, since relying on Patreon leaves a lot of uncertainties. Raising 1 dollar would likely be a huge deal for me, but it's also a 50% increase for most donors, so it's not something I can do lightly. So far, I had also resisted the idea of increasing the number of CGs suddenly, because I wanted to work with just one artist, if possible, but since Redjet already can't keep up with 5 commissions per month, and we'll be getting another artist helping on a permanent basis, I don't have the same worry anymore. Anyway, I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

May release! Erica Magical Girl: Prologue

Another month flew by, and another update was delivered unto us by the smut gods. If you are one of the blessed ones (meaning, you give me money to maintain my degenerate lifestyle), you can go here. For the free version, instead go to my patreon page.

Have fun, everyone! ^_^

Monday, May 13, 2019

A little bit of magic

Let's see: the second quest is finished, I tweaked the scene for getting the bimbo trait from the hypnotist (it's longer now, and it has images) and I sent the test version out to the testers. The second quest is for the mage guild, and we'll get to see a bit more of the magic academy. I'd still like to give the option to join the academy, but we'll see in the future. With only 1 week left, I'll probably just take care of some miscellaneous stuff.
For example, today I worked on the summons screen I mentioned once (I wrote an early version accessible through the main menu, but actually I am not sure if I'll keep using that, because there is no room left), I'd like to add rewards you can collect from the new shop in Golden Leaf (basically, a "thank you" from the faction you picked for the town expansion) and perhaps something more.
I'll try to add as many things as possible until the weekend, when I'll release the new version. Hopefully there aren't too many bugs, so I get more time to add new content.
I did some more testing for TOTDC 2 on Renpy in the weekend, and I managed to get items to work as I wanted them to. It's like a point & click adventure interface, basically. Selecting an item in the inventory changes the mouse cursor to the selected item, and I can prompt different reactions with items and characters on the screen based on said item. Clicking the middle mouse if an item is selected clears the selection (if no item is selected, the usual function to hide the interface is used, instead).
I need to figure out how time consuming this would be on a larger scale, but it seems feasible. I also need to consider how beneficial it would be to the gameplay. I wanted to test this out, to "emulate" how you can use items on other items and characters in RAGS, but maybe it's better to have extra options unlocked when certain items are in the inventory, instead. That might be a little too passive, however. This will probably need some feedback, once I have a prototype.
Not much else to report currently. See you next time for the release! ^_^

Monday, May 06, 2019

One quest down, one to go

In case you didn't notice the subtle spoiler in the title, I finished working on the first quest for the month. I think it's a simple, yet fun quest. I'd like to make the location visitable after the quest, but that might have to wait another update. It's not a lot of work to just make it available, but I'd like for it to be fun as well, and making things fun actually takes a bit of time.
I also started working on the second quest. On a related note, I tweaked the magic academy map a little, to make it a bit smaller (the quest will take place there), so when the time comes, I'll probably ask everyone to keep an eye out, to make sure I didn't create any issues (tweaking old content in RPG Maker breaks things soooo easily). The more I play around the map designer in RPG Maker, the more I hate making walls taller than two tiles, but at the same time, two tiles can be limiting, especially with certain tilesets. Oh well. Anyway, the new quest doesn't need too much extra work for the location (just a new map for the second floor of the academy, maybe a map for the third floor if I feel like having the extra space and finishing the magic academy map completely), so hopefully I should be able to wrap it up easily.
I also did some more work on my tests for TOTDC 2 on Ren'py. I expanded my experiments with the combat UI and mechanics (I have already replicated most of the functionalities I had in RAGS, and the UI will be better once everything is polished, in my opinion), and I did some work on the inventory and items. I think I should have no problems giving players a way to use items on interactive elements of the screen (so characters and items), which should open up the possibility for some RAGS-like puzzles, if I want to. It's not the biggest deal in the world, but it should be nice to have. Next, is experimenting a bit more with said interactive elements. I'll play around a little to figure out what's the best way to convey information to the players for the various available options. I might also want to try out some encyclopedia-like menus, for the biography of the various characters, extranet searches like in the first game, and so on.
Well, that's about it, really. Do let me know if I am forgetting something, otherwise, see you guys next week! ^_^