About Caliross

Caliross is my current project, and the first one I am making using RPG Maker VX Ace. The idea is to have Zelda-esque puzzles and exploration, paired with a more open-ended RPG story (lots of branches and factions) and a turn-based combat system that doesn't drag fights for long, and doesn't use random encounters and other more annoying features some JRPG games have (this one still needs a lot of work before we get to the good stuff).

The setting is a classic high-fantasy one, with magic, monsters, etc. It has a few twists (but I can't talk much about them, since they would spoil some plot points), and I tried to make it similar to other games in the genre, while introducing new elements (that's why our heroine is a historian, rather than a simple adventurer).

As for the sexy stuff, if you know me, you know I like mind control, which will be featured heavily, but I also want to play a bit with corruption, humiliation, some transformations, etc. I am a pretty tame guy, so don't expect the more extreme fetishes to pop up (no vore, scat, bestiality, etc.).

If you want me to add more to this page, ask questions, and if I can answer them without spoiling stuff, I might update this with more info!

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