Caliross FAQ

Q. When does the game update? What about the public build?

A. The game updates every month. There isn't a fixed date, but it's generally between the 14th and the 21st, as I try to correct for getting behind schedule, working around holidays, etc. The public build releases on the same day, and it's basically last month's Patreon version (plus any hotfixes that were released for it).

Q. Will my old savefiles work with the new updates?

A. In theory, yes. When I change something important that can break compatibility, I announce it in the changelog (which you can find here). In practice, though, 100% compatibility isn't always possible and some minor content here and there could be missed as a result of using old savefiles (changes to old content are the most likely to be affected, while new content is almost invariably compatible with old saves).

Q. How big will the game be when the game is finally released?

A. Compared to now, it should have two more towns, a few villages, two larger-than-average side-quest chains, a few more "sexy chain of events", plenty of minor events and quests, and the main quest would be finished. I think we are at least around the 60% completion mark, all things considered, but it's a work in progress, so things are still being added and removed from the general plan.

Q. How long will development go on?

A. Honestly, I am not sure. My plans for the game were smaller originally, but suggestions and support made them grow considerably. I am trying to make progress along the main quest with enough consistency, to ensure we'll have a game playable from start to finish, while I also work on finishing side content, so that there are no loose ends. I do have rough a sketch for the main story, as well as plotlines for some of the major factions, but I'll try to keep the rest flexible. I'd like to get the game finished, rather than work forever on it. XD

Q.  I want to suggest this awesome idea I have, how do I do it?

A. Suggestions are always welcome, you can send them on every forum where I talk about the game, here, on Patreon, or at my email ( There are a few things to keep in mind:
  • I prefer to write things myself, so I like it better when people suggest me a simple concept, and let me work out the details. I don't have time to read through an essay, and then get in a back and forth with the author until something comes out of it. If you DO want to write the scene regardless, you should know how RPG Maker VX Ace works. It has a limit of 52 letters per line, down to 41 if you use a portrait, with a max of 4 lines per message box. The text editor doesn't take care of wrapping text automatically (unless I use a script), so it's a lot of work just to make everything fit at times. Also, if you can't live with me making changes to what you write, don't send me anything, it's highly unlikely I won't have to change stuff.
  • Keep things simple. Suggestions for big, sweeping changes or complex systems at this point are likely to be rejected. Also, try to consider what your suggestion entails ("what do you mean, you can't write alternative sex scenes for the protagonist if she becomes a futanari, it's just one or two hundred encounters, that already have some variations based on traits, body size, stats... You are just lazy!"). I AM a lazy bastard, but a game needs to be made in a timely manner. I work mostly alone for the game, so everything that takes a long time is a sacrifice.
  • If you want to use existing characters, try to make them act in a sensible manner, and avoid adding significant content to their backstories. I might have plans already that clash with your suggestion, so we'd be wasting both of our times on an exchange that has no chance of being implemented. I'd avoid established characters altogether, unless it's a simple suggestion that leaves me a lot of leeway.
  • I am a squemish person. Gore, vore, scat, etc. are not my cup of tea, so I don't want them in my game.
  • If for some inexplicable reason, you want to fund a CG, but don't want to give me money directly, that's fine too, but I'd want to discuss this and be updated at every step of the way, as I would still keep the right to veto anything that I don't want in the game, so be warned. Again, time is important. So even if you are trying to help, consider the extra time it's taking away from the game.
  • Don't insist. The last thing I want to do is argue with people about what should and shouldn't be part of my game. If you think I understood what you meant, and I said no, trying again is only going to make me upset, at the very best.

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