Friday, June 15, 2012

It's alive! It's alive!

True story
And... We are finally here! The long awaited release! Sorry to keep you waiting this long!

Many things changed compared to the previous version, let's see if I can make a comprehensive list:

A new planet, with what I would call a "decent amount" of content and 2 quests;

A new district on Europa 4, with a mini-quest, the usual random events and an "interesting" series of scenes that start from there (but I must admit, most of the new areas of this district are empty, as they should work together with my future improvements on the relationship system);

Improved districts: they are all slightly bigger with more things to do;

Some serious improvements to your house (now it's worthwhile to buy it and upgrade it);

4 (or was it 5? I can't remember, damn it!) new quests on Europa 4 both from old and new characters;

New mechanics connected to drinking (now you can also gather rumors, so it has some kind of risk/reward approach to it);

New items and shops, both on Europa 4 and on the new planet;

Some changes to the UI and to some gameplay mechanics;

You'll get to see the first consequences to a few of your choices through the game, so be sure to think about your actions carefully;

A few old items that didn't have a use now have one, so pay attention to those, too;

Generally more scenes here and there, some improvements to the game's inner workings, and probably stuff I can't remember right now... (I have to start keeping a development log... -_-)

Here is the link:

Please, let me know any troubles you might find with this version, or your thoughts about the game in general. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

P.S. I will upload this version to the collective site too, as soon as their problems are solved. I don't know if it's just me, but I can't access their threads, I actually still had to hear back from a tester, but since I don't know how long this problem will last, I decided to release the game

P.P.S. Of course, the link in the sidebar is updated, too.


  1. Ciao MDQP,

    I don't know where to start from this new update so I'll began jumping through parts of the game that I liked. And I'll try not to be spoiler free ;P

    First the house as someone that I asked for it, I'm pretty happy to see that you put a good use to it and I expect that more functions will be done in the future to it ;P

    (The VRS machine was a huge addition, maybe it would be possible to have some more potential stories in a new release?)

    The characters are getting in deep and I like where this is going now. I finally got the third one in play and it was hilarious to see the conversations after being captured choosing that path with Jane Koll haha

    The Illusionist didn't trigger the last sscene as it supposed to be or maybe is just a work in progress nonetheless it was nice to see that there some things in the game that tell you. You made it a mistake now enjoy it...

    The Quests are getting somewhat a bit railroaded, but it does add a big addition to the variety ( specially the one where you are doing trials to get into the job ;) )

    The new planet looks fantastic and really funny to see the first potential impacts from one planet decisions to the other. I was laughing when I saw that samora ad in the mall!!!

    Now where is that woman obsessed with latex ummm? ;D Nah just joking, you promised but she didn't appear, now, where's she?, where's she? haha

    The exploration suit... Well I expect to be laughing at that part, because you actually had to wait for the Iron Man set team to launch that shot from the movie hahahaha

    One pet peeve:

    I know we like to be sexy and all, but I think if you try to be hardcore shooting bitch, the game turns out to be more difficult. So more upgrades and rebalancing in that part would be nice. Maybe if Alice is getting ahold of yourself you are more weak and have to opt for the sexy parts, but if you are the peak of your sanity a bonus should be added to your overall action!

    Also it's kind of difficult too. To keep your sanity, so more options apart from drugs would be nice. Like a temporary upgrade to your holo - glasses like an antivirus or something.

    Anyway I think that's all I wanted to comment :D

    Great Job!!!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    1. To answer to same of your points: You know, I can't quite remember what was it that you suggested for the house, but I added it and you are happy, so that's what really matters, right? ;p

      The VRS will some more modules and uses for it, in time;

      The illusionist is fixed in the latest update;

      The quests are getting a little railroaded, mainly because a few of them were inherently under a time limit of sorts. I felt it would have been odd to allow players to leave some of them unfinished and simply do whatever they want. Either I forced some railroading, or I would have needed to add some conditions to fail (for example, if you leave the planet it fails, etc...). Some of the new quests will be more free-form, hopefully;

      The Iron man suits come like a gift from heaven, I was really having troubles finding anything to use for that room! :D ;

      There will be more upgrades, that's for sure. I might also improve the bonus for picking "athletic", I guess, and reward some choices in a way that further separates the various behaviours one can have in the game. That's probably going to take some time, though, because it can make things unbalanced quite easily.

      I am glad you liked many things, and I hope you'll appreciate the illusionist scene too, now that you can see it from beginning to end! ;)

  2. By the way, I made the VRS a rather obvious tribute to "Through Sophie's eyes", but nobody made a comment on that, yet. I can't be the only one who played it, can I? ^_^

    1. I did played, that's why I commented on the VRS that was a great addition! More interactivity. I want to be O and other characters haha :)

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. Hi,

    nice!!! :) finally i can lay my hands on the new version. If i encounter bug(s), i will post them.


  4. I cannot distract the maid at all in Blanked. Could you provide any hints?