Thursday, June 07, 2012

I have no money and I must buy!!!!!

Sooooo... There is this one thing on the internet that I'd like to get (the complete version of the current humble bundle), but I don't have enough money on my paypal account right now. I usually don't do this, but is there anything I could do to convince you donating some money within 6 days (before the humble bundle closes down)? If you have requests for the game, or anything else, I would be willing to listen to them (unless is totally unreasonable, like wanting magic and unicorns in the game, or having me stripping in front of a webcam... Seriously, you don't want to see this last one... x_x). Does this sound like I am selling out? ($_$)

Oh well, you can always shun me for my greediness, I guess.

By the way, did I tell you how hard am I working on the game lately? I mean, this must be divine intervention, or something! Just saying! :p

Edit: Now I am moved... Seriously.

J.C. donated 40 australian dollars! I don't know what to say. If you want to take a view of the latest version I am working on (I just recently uploaded a new version for my betatester) J.C., send me a PM over to the collective forum, or tell me if I should send a link to the e-mail used for the donation or whatever you might consider a big thank you for your generosity...


  1. Hi,

    if i had free money, i would have donated a fair amount already, because i like this game a lot.

    Either way, hopefully someone else is rich and stumbles across this game :)

    good luck

    1. Thanks! Apparently someone already decided to take care of it... And left me speechless.