Monday, August 22, 2016

Mistakes were made...

Specifically, I wasted an insane amount of time trying to make a psx emulator to work with Dino Crisis, and I might have started playing Heartstone again. >_<
My game is doing just fine, though, and I am very close to release a version for testers. The content should all be there, but I need some minor testing, and to take a few decisions about audio design choices (a fancy way of saying I am not sure what sounds/voices to use for sex scenes, or if I should forego them completely and use some background music, instead). I am also trying to think if what's in the game is sexy enough or if I could do something more, but that's pretty much it, I don't have anything big left on my list, at least for now.

I don't think there is anything else to say, really, I had to rewrite a few things, but everything seems to have gone smoothly on that front, so I don't have much to talk about. If I forgot something, feel free to ask me/remind me in the comments, otherwise, I'll be back after the testing is done, See ya! ^_^

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The dungeon is done!

As I mentioned before, the dungeon in my RPG Maker game was almost done, so it's no surprise I finally wrapped it up. I did some basic testing along the way, and everything seems to work as intended. This kind of game is harder to check, though, so I'll have to rely on testers (and afterward, players) in order to find all the issues (I am sure you have run into RPG Maker that have passable or impassable tiles for apparently no good reason, and that's at least partly due to how it works, it's easy to forget setting the rules for a new tileset, or to change them if you had to swap some graphics). I think I am very close to ready to show it to a few people I trust, although I want just a little bit more content and polish before I let people take an "official" look at the game.

In the meantime, I have been working on the presentation of the game, trying to figure out how certain systems work, in order to customize them. For example, I added some info to the menu, which is specific for my game, so now not only you see how much gold you have when you open the menu, but you also get day, month, year and moon phase (I have a small icon which tracks the various moon phases, so it's easy to grasp at a glance). Since time will play a reasonably important role, I feel like having it easily accessible was necessary. Another addition is a "personal info" page for the protagonist. Right now it lists some basic stuff, like breast size, tattoos and piercings (maybe I should add those to the game, since I was talking about more content XD), as well as some extra stats. I had converted agility, luck and magical defense to intelligence, willpower and inhibitions, but using stats for checks in the game is actually a bothersome thing, so I switched to using variables. This method creates other issues (now I need a parallel process to run in the background, since the game doesn't allow to set limits for variables, and I need them to stay between 0-100), but on the day to day stuff it allows for much smoother work. It also frees stats to be used in combat again, which might be needed.

Anyway, I'd say overall the systems I have in place are where I want them to be, so it's just a matter of adding content now. Combat is still underdeveloped, but so far there aren't many fights in the game anyway, so what's there should be enough.

On a side note, I would say that animations and cutscenes are as annoying as picture hunting in RAGS: they can take a lot of time, and will never be as good as you wished for.

I hope I am not forgetting anything (although there are less worries, since no game in development is currently out :p), but if I did, let me know. As always, see you next week! ^_^

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Wasting time polishing my pixel art skills...

...Among other various things. The dungeon is basically done (all puzzles are in place, I just need to put together the intro scene, the outro for reaching the last room, and place a couple of treasure chests/decide what their content is going to be). I might have to cut from this dungeon one puzzle, since there might be too much content, but we'll see what the future brings. I have been editing existing assets to fit my needs, as well as creating some expressions for the current face/sprite I am using for the protagonist. The sad part is that this work might all be pointless, if things go well, the patreon gives me enough money and I can hire an artist, but hey, minor touches for other characters might still be needed, so it's good to polish up some techniques (I am still very unfamiliar with the best tools within GIMP to do some of the things I want to).

Another thing I am trying to nail down is audio/visual effects for sex scenes. Since I don't have custom art right now, I can only use lewd sounds and some flashing of the screen to go with the text (over a black screen), but there is still some nuance to how to do it well. I am trying out some of the sounds, trying to determine what's the best length, how much text is good, etc. This and cutscenes in general are probably the most stressful part right now, since I am not used to them, and the engine lacks some quality of life improvements I would figure are actually pretty easy to assume will be needed when you do "camera work". This work is definitely not useless, even if I were to become rich and have tons of custom artwork for the game, for the simple reason that trying to have art for every single sex scene in an adult game would be insane, not feasible, and even counter-productive (you'd always reach a point where you'd have to consider if adding another scene is worth the hassle/money, instead of simply writing it in).

I did some minor work on the combat system, I have a couple of scripts I am considering for the game, but they aren't essential, but as far as the groundwork, I feel pretty confident. Now it's just a matter of adding content.

Anyway, no post-mortem yet (as you have probably figured out by now), so this is it for now. See you guys next week! ^_^

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Fixing typos, and doing some dungeoneering

This week was kind of slow, all things considered, I am still in the middle of figuring a few things out in my RPG maker game, so sometimes I spend more time staring at my ceiling than doing any writing or coding. Still, I did some progress (the dungeon I am working on is about 50% done), I figured out some interesting stuff, and I got to fix some typos in TOTDC. Since I can't really make an interesting post about typos, and I can't talk about the RPG maker quests for now (they wouldn't make much sense without showing you the game first), this leaves me with talking about some of the mechanics for the dungeon I am working on.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

New (and hopefully last) bugfix

Just like the title says, here is another bugfix for the issues that were reported to me and I could reproduce, as well as some problems I found myself:

Here is the link for the fixed web version:

I'll update the links here and in the various threads as soon as possible. :)

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Let's talk about stuff!

So, reports are still coming for issues here and there, so I'll eventually have another bugfix come out, to put the final word on this version of TOTDC. No hurry, since they don't seem super important, for the most part, although a few seem quite annoying and will need to be dealt with.

In the meantime, I *could* start complaining about TOTDC, how it isn't as good as I wish it was and so on and so forth, but I should probably wait a bit longer to do a "post-mortem" of the game, I am still too close to be objective enough about it. I will say that I do wish I could have done a better job in general, but I feel like waiting longer would have probably ruined it for me. It was getting a bit of a slog, and RAGS didn't make things easy on the way, so I think it was the right moment to wrap it up.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Did someone say working gifs?

This is the last time (I hope):

This should fix a minor problem during Darenzia's side quest (you wouldn't get the scene with Aria if you befriended her, since the game would test the "friendship value" of a different character), and the gifs finally work (thank you so much wifetrainer, I can't believe I had forgotten the workaround), so you can see the game as it was intended to be released, more or less.

The gifs didn't need fixing in the web version, so here is a small update for the quest problem alone (just unpack the files in the proper directory and overwrite, it's just 2 files):

Apologies for the updates rush, hopefully no more major issues are in the game, so I can just collect reports for a while, and maybe eventually fix more typos and bugs.