Monday, November 11, 2019

More Miscellaneous Moments

This week, I added some gameplay structure to the ponygirl path and another scene. I also added 2 scenes for Jin, I am mostly done with the end of the main quest for chapter 5, and I wrote a scene for the werewolves. The end of chapter 5 took me a bit longer than I was hoping for, because I went back and forth on a design decision (I was considering giving players a proper choice on how to handle Lenara, but I felt like it was going to be too impactful to have two different starting points for chapter 6, especially since I already have some plans to spice things up a bit).
I'll see if I can add some of the stuff I mentioned in the previous post (specifically, a small quest) and then it's still more scenes to wrap more content up (if possible). I am never going to spread this wide for content again, I really do work better focusing on one path at a time, even if that approach is a bit disappointing when the game has an open (more or less) world. Oh well, I guess I am really starting to feel like the game is about to get finished, if I am grumbling about my stupid design decisions. XD
There is still plenty to do, though, so I'll be busy for a while still, for better or for worse. Anyway, there is nothing left to do for today, at least, so I'll be going to sleep right after this post. Have fun! ^_^
I know I ask about this from time to time, but do you guys know of any forums/website that could be a good fit for my game and where I could create a thread? Support has been declining a little, and I'd rather be proactive about promoting the game, even if we are getting close to the end. It's better to stay ahead of the inevitable drops, and the 3$ tier didn't really pick up, so I guess this is next.

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