Monday, November 04, 2019

Filling The Gaps

So, I wrote another scene for Lea, added the sex scene with Alec, wrote another sex scene for the dryad TF (and its epilogue) as well as added another scene to the ponygirl path. The new content for the dryad TF might go on for too long, because I basically just added it at the end of the previous stopping point, but I did because after thinking for a while about it, I couldn't figure out a good gameplay loop to add to it, and so I figured I should probably cut it short, instead.
Coming up next, more for the ponygirl path and adding the missing content from the tail end of chapter 5, and probably a little "extra" for Lea (for example, allowing you to take her to the Zanti farm, if you are a cowgirl). After this, it's probably going to be a minor quest, and something for the werewolves, or one of the other yet unfinished paths (make sure to leave a comment, if you have a preference or want to remind me about something yet to be finished).
The new poll and the art preview will becoming in the next couple of days, so patrons can look forward to those as well.
Other than this, I think we are done for now. Thanks for all the support, as always, and look forward to the next posts! Until next time! ^_^

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