Monday, October 28, 2019

No Hotfix Needed? What Sorcery Is This?

coding for the "split" between the sub ending or one where she gets her freedom. I also added some variations to the previous scene, so that this split is reflected early on (even if it doesn't radically change the scene).

I also worked on some minor adjustments for the two battles you can go through in chapter 5, and some other miscellaneous stuff.
I realized thanks to a report that I had completely forgotten to add one of Alec's scenes, so I'll have to get to it soon, probably this week. Other than that, the plans for the following days should be pretty easy: I want to finish chapter 5 properly, finish Lea's path (that's why I worked on a new scene for her), finish the dryad content (I think I'll just write another scene and a short epilogue for the TF, since that's a "bad end"), and then I'll see how much I can add to the ponygirl path (possibly I should finish it).
Once I wrap these up, I'll decide what's next on the table, but for now, this should keep me busy for a while.
Not much else to report, but do let me know if I forgot anything, or if there is something you'd like me to explain or talk about.
Until next time! ^_^

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