Monday, September 09, 2019

Light at last!

We had a blackout in the area, so I couldn't do much work much today (but I'll work tonight a bit to catch up). For this week, we got some more werewolf content, both sexy and not, as well as ways to start climbing the ranks. I was considering the possibility to add multiple ways to "dominate" each werewolf, but I feel like that would make things needlessly complicated. Since there are many werewolves, it's probably a good idea to keep things linear, and maybe consider something special for the two alphas at the end.
I also wrote a new scene for the waitress job, and a new scene with Lea. I'll try to wrap everything up with her soon, hopefully people will find the finale satisfying. ^_^
Other than that, I'll have to gear up to prepare the test version for the testers. I aim for a release between the 15th and the 18th, but I'll try to keep flexible (I did lose some days here and there this month, after all).
On a different news, I finally figured out what I want to do for a new 3$ tier. I'll use some of my spare time each month (no more than 2-4 hours) to write simple interactive stories in Twine. I often get frustrated that I can't explore all the ideas I get, so this way I'll be able to write some stuff up and maybe get some more support that way. Plus, I'll let people vote for each release, on whether I should continue exploring that idea, or if I should present something new. This could be good to prototype concepts, or just to let me "fix" games and ideas that I see around but feel like don't meet their potential because of bad writing or other issues (I think this is how I get ideas most of the time, actually).
I'll launch the new tier next month, most likely, and I'll do so with a short story so people can see what it's all about. Those who pay more than 3$ will have access to the short stories (of course), but I won't give extra votes for this one (I'd like to keep these as simple as possible, and it's outside of the main game's scope, anyway, so I believe it's fine to keep these votes as one per patreon as long as you are on the 3$ tier or above).
I think this all for this week, but as always, do let me know if I missed something. Until next week! ^_^

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