Monday, August 26, 2019

Dances With (were)Wolves

So, as mentioned before, I worked on werewolves this week. I tweaked the old intro a bit, added a new scene to introduce you to the "pack" and their place, added some lore about the werewolves, some dialogues for the 6 members of the group, prepared the maps and so on. I also went ahead and added a regenerative buff if you are a werewolf during fights. 
While I think on the mechanics for the full moons a bit more, I am writing some of the stuff for climbing the ranks in the pack. I think I'll keep it simple for each individual werewolf, although with 5 of them in your way (one is a total sub, so she won't really challenge you, if you decide to assert dominance), it should make for an interesting series of events overall. They won't be all fights, in fact I expect all but one of them to require a fight (others might have alternative solutions, or flat out not have a way to resolve who's boss with combat).
I don't have to write everything during this update, but I figure having some sub/dom content to showcase the idea is the bare minimum. Well, I'll keep going at it until I believe there is enough content.
Up next should be some Eliza content. She should probably get some scene before the vote she tries to "influence" and after, which should pave the way to finish her path. Then some more content for the ponygirl stuff, and then it's probably time to make some more decisions (I got plenty of suggestions for things I could complete/expand, so I am sure it won't be hard to find something else to work on).
It's a pretty simple plan, so I don't foresee any problems sticking to it. Anyway, just let me know if you have suggestions or observations of any kind in the comments. Until next time! ^_^

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