Monday, August 19, 2019

Did you miss me?

Well, it's not like I disappeared, so probably not. As you probably know, I kept busy with bugfixing as usual, but for the rest, I just took some time off, and I am surely refreshed as a result! Today, I did some minor work (fixing typos, or adding some alternative text for consistency, and so on) plus I started working on the werewolf path. I rewrote part of the original dialogue and worked on the basics for the system that will be part of it. For now, it's just the framework to add some events to trigger at night when there is a full moon. I also did some other work, related to the werewolves you'll meet.
Since it's just the first day, there isn't much more done yet. In the short-term, I want to add some scenes to introduce the rest of the werewolves in the group, and then explore the pack dynamics and your place in it. Probably this should have some sub/dom themes to it, where you can either be the bitch of the group, or you can try to climb the ranks (it should probably have a mix of fights and other means to make this or that wolf acknowledge your superiority). I am unsure if I want the two to be mutually exclusive, if there should be varying degrees, or even if you should be a "switch" (just to leave both type of content available).
I also think I'll have this group interact with the vampires to some extent. I think the vampires are the top dogs (pun intended) but the werewolves are probably a bit unhappy with the situation. I don't think we'll have them try to topple the vampires, though. Maybe some way to get better treatment from them? Well, I still have time to decide.
I don't think the entire path will be completed in one update, but I think it should already be interesting enough, once I am done with it.
Anyway, this should be it for the moment. See you next week! ^_^

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