Monday, July 29, 2019

Vampire Hunters?

It's gotten a bit late in my country (sorry, I was held back by some unexpected stuff), so I'll keep this short.
The vampires' quest is basically finished. It took me longer than expected, because I rewrote a few things I wasn't satisfied with, and because I added some different interactions I hadn't originally planned (having or not having the bimbo trait will play a role into how a certain puzzle plays out, allowing you to circumvent a certain element if you have it, and netting you an extra scene with Lucas, the "beach boy" in Solina). Also, one puzzle got me stuck, as I flipped back and forth on how to make it work. -_-
The quest has some nice sexy bits here and there, and a new scene with Beatrix at the end of the quest, so it should be good enough, now that I wrapped things up.
I also wrote a new scene for the ponygirl slave path, just to keep things going.
I fixed a few bugs, as well, when some reports came up (some of them quite unexpectedly, I must admit).
During the weekend I worked a bit more on TOTDC 2 (I was implementing more basic stuff, like having an extranet with a list of unlocked entries and a search function, character profiles, etc), as I go about recreating as much of the UI functionality I had in the original TOTDC. There is still plenty to do, but hopefully the UI should actually be more pleasant once it's finalized (for better or for worse, RAGS didn't have a customizable look, after all). The hard part might be deciding on the finer details, once I have finished working on the code itself.
Alx also started working on more of the art for it, so I might have something to show you guys, eventually. ^_^
Anyway, this is really about it for this week. Next week should be busy, since I'll have to prepare the art preview for the month, the usual polls and work on more content, but at least we'll have plenty of things to discuss. Talk to you guys soon!

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