Monday, July 22, 2019

Past and Future Quests

So, this week I expanded a bit the sap gathering, quest (the one with the Dryad), by adding some gameplay to the "Erica becomes a dryad" path. I am debating if I should add a larger event after that, or if I should just close it out with a smaller event and an outro for the path. I also wrote a scene for successfully completing your first task as a nymph, so that should be fun regardless. The gameplay is new, and I might have to tweak it a bit more, but the idea is hopefully interesting, while keeping things simple, and allowing to be re-used if I want to expand on the dryad path a little more.
I also started writing the first quest for the factions, since that's what won the last poll. I'll add a quest for the vampires first, since that's the faction that has the least amount of quests to itself, and then I'll add a quest outside of the guilds, that will have some conflicting sides involved. The easiest one would be a Zanti vs The League of merchants, but we'll see.
This first quest involves taking care of a human investigating the vampires, so you'll be discretly trying to figure out what's the background of this person, and then finally deal with them for/with Beatrix. So far, I wrote the intro, the quest log, and I have some of the puzzles ready. I shouldn't need many new maps, since the NPC will be staying in Solina. I think it's coming together nicely.
I also started writing a new scene for the model job. I think this job needs another 2-3 scenes and it should be done, so I might try to get it finished this month as well.
There is also the "ghost" of the mage guild quest I wanted to do for a while, but we'll see if I finally manage to work it in, somehow.
Anyway, this is it for the moment. I might actually take a week off next month, after the release, because I feel a little tired, but I'd like to get this update done before that. I think a week pause shouldn't disrupt the development, just push the release date a bit, but it should be completely fine.
This is all I have to report for now. As always, leave a comment if there is something you want to tell me! Until next time! ^_^


  1. Will we eventually be able to turn airel into a cow girl? What about the lady who trains erica in the bazar?

    1. I think Ariel is a likely candidate, I haven't decided on Carla, yet.