Monday, August 05, 2019

Vampires and Merchants, What Do They Have in Common?

Other than wanting to suck your blood, I mean. :^
Well, in this specific case, we have a little, seemingly unrelated whiskey shipment, to bring them into a behind-the-scene conflict. Such a secret conflict, they don't even know they are against each other! XD
We'll get to finally explore the military outpost to the north (I am not sure if I'll ever use all the buildings, even if I already mapped them a while ago), as that's the main stage for this event. The quest is meant to have multiple solutions (although your loyalties might affect which ones are available). Your actions will still benefit or hinder the factions even if you aren't tied to them, so it should be interesting. The quest isn't finished yet, but I hope to get it done in the next few days, leaving us with some time for testing before the release, since I plan to release between saturday and monday (I can always delay the release a bit, if necessary). I have the intro and some of the plot-points already added, and I have a good idea for most of the stuff I want to go into the quest, so it should be smooth sailings.
Other than working on the quest, I took care of a few more bugs, and I added 2 scenes. One is a masturbation scene for the bath (taking a bath at home now has some art, regardless of what you do), the other is a scene for getting drunk at the inn.
Finally, I added the possibility for "generic" NPCs to father your children. So far, I just made the drunk guy you can meet during a random event at night as a candidate, but I'll probably extend this to any sex scene that doesn't involve named NPCs in the future (although I am not sure how many there are). I guess brothel work should have a random chance for this to happen as well, maybe I should add it there for the release.
This should be it for the moment. Make sure to comment or send me messages if I forgot anything, or if you have suggestions! Until next time! ^_^
If everything goes as planned, I'll actually take a week off after the release, as I kind of need to recharge. I'll still be available online for the usual stuff, though, such as bug reports and questions. Anyway, I am just letting everyone know, so that nobody is too surprised if the september's release gets pushed to around the 21st.

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