Monday, July 01, 2019

Ghosts, Dryads... And more ghosts

This week I mostly focused on the quest, as I mentioned previously. I think I like how it turned out, although I wish there were more opportunities to interact with NPCs (because of the setting for the quest, it wasn't really possible). I think I should try to have a few more "urban" settings in the future, because they might offer more varied opportunities. Anyway, the quest is mostly finished (although I still need to write something for the possible bad ending), and we have the usual secrets, puzzles and so on.

I also worked a bit more on the scenes I mentioned with the Ghost (Catherine), and I expanded her interactions with you outside the house, giving players a choice on whether they want her to take over for some events, creating some (hopefully) exciting and sexy moments. This also furthers separates the two paths between having her under control or not, as she is only allowed to do so when she is not restricted by Erica.

For the next week, after I finish writing the bad end, I'll try to focus on the new slave owner I want to add, as well as a few miscellaneous sexy scenes, and may start some groundwork for another quest. If possible, I'd like to have this new quest for the release, but it might be hard, considering it's a more sizeable event.
There are a few more things on my list of stuff to do, but I'll wait until next week, so I can give you a more precise estimate of what can end up in the update.
For patrons: expect in the following days the usual art preview and the polls. Many thanks to everyone for the support, and make sure to let me know if there were any issues with the payments, and if I can help you with that in anyway.
Until next time! ^_^

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