Monday, June 24, 2019

Slaving Away

Well, I am a lazy guy, but someone is being a slave, at least! So, for the last poll, the winning choice was adding new CGs for the slave content. I realized only afterward, that the wording might have been a bit ambiguous, so I ended up commissioning one CG for Lea, one for Jin, and one for the path where Erica becomes the slave, so this should cover all the basis. XD
As for this week's development, I added one scene for Jin, one for Lea, I added some situations where Catherine (the ghost) pops up to whisper you some friendly suggestions if she is possessing you, I did some minor work on one of Sonya's paths, (to remove some randomness which felt a little too annoying), and I started working on a new quest. This quest will kill two birds with one stone, since it will also feature a Dryad character I wanted in the game since a looooong time ago. I have done some work on map, intro and questlog, but there is more to be done for the meat of the quest. I'd like to have the intelligence stat play more of a role during this one, so I can see what the testers will think of it, and if it would be fine to feature it more throughout the game. I'll probably play with the other stats as well during the quest, as usual.
I'd like to have some sort of extended bad end, where we are turned into a new Dryad, and perhaps we go lure another girl to further expand the ever growing Dryad army. :^
I was actually considering having multiple girls capturable at one point, but I feel like I'd prefer for that to be orc-related material, once I add that in the game (so that we can use the various girlfriends and whatnot you meet in the game as recruitable extra breeders for the orcs). A similar idea might also be featured in the cowgirl path, now that we started with Eliza, and with Keiko already planned, but again, I worry about it too similar, so I might limit it to just these two).
Anyway, ramblings aside, the immediate goal is to finish this new quest, and work on the new slave path, where you aren't bought by Master Han. After that, I have 3 possible goals, but I am not sure which one to pursue yet (I could work on more noble content, add a new city, or go for another quest, they all have their pros and cons). I'll probably know for sure by the time I write another one of these.
Anyway, this is it for today. I'll see you guys next week, have fun! ^_^

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