Monday, June 03, 2019

Ariel & Erica status: shipped?

First of all, a warning to all patrons in case you missed the previous post and the message I sent to everyone. I'll be charging twice this month, to make up for the fact that I didn't charge anything last month by mistake. If there are any issues, please do let me know if we can work it out, or consider stopping your donations for a month, in case this isn't agreeable. Also, thanks to all those who confirmed me they have no problem with this. It really means a lot to me! Now, for the dev blog proper! I wrote two more scenes for Ariel, finishing her path. We might have more content tied to her (especially as a potential captain for Golden Leaf) but the "romance" is more or less finished, barring any extra polish. I am not sure if a proper, more "romantic ending" would fit with the rest of the game, so I didn't add it, but maybe it's worth considering that as a question for the testers. In the next version, you'll be able to visit the bathhouse while pregnant, and keeping with the usual setting, visiting during the day gives you some simple interactions with the other girls at the bath, while visiting at night can potentially lead to a new sexy encounter (if you are slutty enough to be able to enter the men's bath). I also added triplets, and gave them a 10% chance for now. This might be subject to change, but I figured for now it should be good enough. I might have to add a debugging tool to guarantee triplets, for testing, so people can also get that many kids at will. I worked a bit on the slave content, specifically on the contest. Now there is a proper ending for the mind breaking result, and I added some extras for people with the bimbo, exhibitionist and masochist traits (some of the comments are mutually exclusive, to avoid inconsistencies or miles long intros). I did some minor work on new maps as well, since I'll need that for one of the remaining cities that aren't in the game yet. It took me a bit of effort, since it's kind of unusual, but I think I found the right look for it. Anyway, this is it for the week! I'll probably publish the new poll tomorrow, and the art preview the day after, so look forward to those. See you next time! ^_^

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