Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Ariel. Abashed. Adorable. Pervert.

Ooops! Forgot to write up the weekly dev blog... Here on the blog XD At least, I hope I manage to get at least 2 out of the 3 from the title across. This week I wrote 3 scenes for her (I might try to do some extra work and write the last one this evening or tonight, if inspiration strikes), so we get some more sweet moments, as well as more sexy ones. We also got 2 CGs coming up for her, so expect to see a preview of those near the start of the month, as usual. Some other content related to Ariel is the possibility to pick her as the captain for Golden Leaf (I had mentioned this in the hotfix post, together with one of the scenes, If I remember correctly) so we hit two birds with one stone. The recruitment also has a scene, although it's not sexual of course (but hopefully, it should be comedic XD). I want to have the captain choice to have some effects, and I am also considering a possible monster attack to the city, which would be affected by how you mantained the city, and whether or not you implemented suggestions from the various captains, but we'll see). Since I was working on the city, I went ahead and added a few more reactions to how you administer the city. Some people might have a gift or two for you, if your actions have benefitted them, and the shopkeeper for Terranigma will give you some of his thoughts, if you ask him. Also, if you do poorly, you'll get a protest at the mansion if you sleep there in chapter 4, although I hope nobody does so poorly as to see this scene. I added the bathhouse men to the pool of people that can get you pregnant, and I also added a way to "retire" outside of the conversation with the doctor (if you talk to the nun at the institute, you can pick which one of the fathers you want to end up with, and trigger his final scene). Once I write Ariel's last scene, I'd like to do some more work on the pregnancy-related content, and then I'll see what to do next. It's probably going to be a quest of some kind, ideally for the mage guild, so I can start preparing for the main story line there. I hope I can give it a good pacing, so the plot progresses naturally. I'd also like to expand the slave path(s) and then I'll see where I find myself. Hopefully, I do all of this in 2 weeks, meaning that I'll have another week for something extra. This will also be a chance to have quests where we interact with NPCs, so we can get some work out of the various stats and traits, as well as use creatively some of your spells. It should be pretty fun. ^_^ This is all for the week, so I hope there is something here that interests you. Until next week! P.S. Almost forgot. This is more of an informal question, and if I ever decide to give it more consideration, I'll probably use a poll first, but I'd like to ask people how they feel if I were to increase the minimum tier from 2 to 3 dollars. A complaint I hear often is that there aren't enough CGs in the game, but I am trying to keep my income a bit high, since relying on Patreon leaves a lot of uncertainties. Raising 1 dollar would likely be a huge deal for me, but it's also a 50% increase for most donors, so it's not something I can do lightly. So far, I had also resisted the idea of increasing the number of CGs suddenly, because I wanted to work with just one artist, if possible, but since Redjet already can't keep up with 5 commissions per month, and we'll be getting another artist helping on a permanent basis, I don't have the same worry anymore. Anyway, I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.

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