Monday, June 10, 2019

Slave Erica Best Erica?

This and many more questions will be answered with this post (but not really)!

First, however, another reminder that I am charging twice this month, to make up for my mistake of not charging anyone the previous month. While I am always here in case you need me to refund you (in case you joined recently and get charged an extra without good reason), here is a link to an explaination on how to limit how many times a creator can charge you in one month:

Basically, you can set things up so that you don't get charged more than once per month, so in case any of you have joined very recently, you have an easy way to avoid paying for a month you weren't a part of. Sorry again for all the problems, now let's get back to the dev blog proper.

This week, I worked on a new scene for the slave path (we get a "celebratory moment" with Master Han), and a mini-quest to get the new slave ready (assuming you won the contest, of course). It's something simple, mainly to add a bit more variety. I should also add something extra for the end of the path. I assume at this point the content should just repeat itself, with the option to get a bad end and finish things up. I need to consider if I want the piercings you can get during the contest to have some special content, but maybe I should just turn the piercings into temporary ones, instead (I wrote the descriptions for them and I added them to the personal page info, but I am not sure if it's worth adding content for them, after all). I added a scene for visiting the farm if you brought them any new cows (right now, this is only true for Eliza), which should grow over time as we add more girls to join you. I already have the image for Keiko, so we just need to write a scene for her. Other than this, I worked on some maps for new areas, as I mentioned before. I am not sure they'll be visitable in this version, so I should at least show you some screenshots. None of these are 100% finished, but the basic design is already there:


This last one should be part of a quest where you'll be infiltrating a party. I designed it with several entry points in mind, so I think it should be a fun playground for the quest .

Now, I need to check a few things, and polish things up for testers (they should get a version likely tomorrow or the day after), then I'll see if I can rush out a few things I wanted to make for this version (a quest, and a scene or two). The new release should happen this weekend, barring any complications.

As always, make sure to let me know what's on your mind in the comments. Until next time! ^_^

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