Monday, April 08, 2019

Sonya's Song

...You'll be dancing to its tune! So this week I added one more scene for the "non-outcast-pendant" path, and I think this makes it more or less complete. We might want something extra, perhaps, but I am not sure what. I mean, at the end of the path, we are her loyal bimbo-bunny, after all. I also added some extra spice to the stripper scenes, if you reach this point. I took the opportunity to add a variation to the drunk scene if you are already hired as a bunny girl (so the other girls will recognize you), so we covered most of the content directly related to the path. I also have a custom shot of Sonya's cleavage for the hypno-to-bimbo scene, which is a nice touch.
I went ahead and wrote a new scene for the other Sonya's path (still considering how I want it to trigger in-game), and wrote a new scene with Eliza (this might need some thought on when and how to trigger it as well).
Other than this, I got rid of some more bugs and typos, and I think this was it for the week, nice and simple.
On an unrelated note, I might have a poll for all patrons up soon, concerning the sequel to my previous game, Tales of the Drunken Cowboy. I am trying to figure out when and how to work on it, and what people would prefer for it. I have been trying to puzzle it out for quite some time myself, but I figure it would be better to hear what you guys have to say.
This is all for the day, but as always, if you have questions or suggestions, just let me know. See you soon! ^_^


  1. Speaking of mistresses paths, what will be the options for Golden Leaves? There are the vampires, Edith, the Zanti family, Sonya, Kira and maybe even Lara. Except Edith all could set some business there and Edith could push for an independent one, maybe even with imperial backing of some sort. Picking between mistresses would be super amusing, usually we are given just a "can't go against" option.

    1. Currently, the groupls that can get directly involved with Golden Leaf are the Zanti family, the League of Merchants (so Kira), and staying independent. The futanari should force you to go with the league (but keep her presence a secret from them), if the Zanti aren't involved. I am considering a trap (pun intended) for her, if you are a cowgirl, as a way to solve that conflict.

      I wish I had written more non-mind-controll-ey mistresses, as then a choice would make sense, but given how I designed things, a fixed hierarchy of outcomes seems the more sensible choice.

      Your vampiric mistress is a sweetheart, all things considered, so she'd rather fool around with you than plan how to run your county. XD

    2. What about Edith? I was expecting her to "sweet talk" the player into something. And no underground BDSM dungeon or the like? Certainly there is quite a market for fetish items and facility rentals.

    3. Edith is a primadonna, as they say. She doesn't really care, you are just her pet, no matter what you get involved in. She knows you'll come back to her, and she isn't interested in politics, so that leaves her out of the picture in most circumstances.

      There is already some BDSM stuff (the VIP area and the sadist redhead you can meet in Rahib if you have the masochist trait), so I am not sure pushing Edith on that path completely would be a good idea, it's probably going to be overcrowded. XD

    4. I meant for Golden Leaves, which in turn could be of use to Edith. Kind of じょるでぃ princess stories on pixiv with our MC as a noble being the princess of the stories.

    5. She already has people she takes money from, that's why I said she doesn't really care. The protagonist can even reference this in one of the scenes, if you see them after you become a noble, where she can imagine Edith being completely uninterested about it.

      To be honest, it's also about time constraints, having all the characters involved in most of the paths makes it much harder and creates more work to handle them correctly.