Monday, April 15, 2019

Back on the road

This week was a bit slow because of the polls (the ones here, and the one at the Hypnopics collective). I replied to a lot of people, thought a lot about how to approach this, even started to prepare some basic stuff, to see if I had everything I'd need if I wanted to make the game in Ren'py. The results seem to be inconclusive in figuring out the overall preferences (here more people wanted 2D, there more people wanted IRL pictures), although most people don't like RAGS anywhere, so there is that.
Alx is preparing a concept art for Celeste, so you can see what I'd have in mind for her looks (he is the one who made the TOTDC cover fanart way back when).
In other news, back to Caliross, I reworked the exhibitionist ghost scenes you get at the end of the path, It was a bit on a whim, but now all 3 of them have enough detail to them. It got to my mind as I was adding the artwork to 2 of them. I might need to change how it works for those who are stuck with our local exhibitionist ghost, however, because this makes the scenes longer. Fast-forwarding them should still be pretty quick, but maybe I should add a skip option (do let me know in the comments).
I added a "resolution scene" in case you are both a cowgirl and under Eliza's thumb when the decision to expand the city rolls out, and let's just say that the Zanti family will get a very special cow, in that case. It needs more content (since the aftermath isn't in the game yet), but I think it's a nice solution. :)
Finally, I added one more scene for Sonya, tied to a mini-quest she can give you. I figured this would be the best way to actually end this path, so that we get a more active role, besides just watching the scenes, and an appropriate payoff. I still need to figure out some details, but most of it is done.
There is some more content I worked on (for example, I created a map for the royal harem, and selected sprites, busts and faces for the important NPCs there) and some basic stuff I took care of (adding all the new graphics, fixing some minor issues I stumbled upon, etc.) but it's likely stuff that won't be used in the release (since the harem will need quite a bit of work to be ready) or won't be very noticeable.
I think I'll work on yet another scene for Sonya (on the other path) and then I must honestly say I am not sure about what I should work on (I'll probably take a stab at some unfinished content, or start preparing to work on new quests, as those were the subject of the latest "dev polls").
The next release should happen either saturday or sunday, barring any complications.
I think this is everything for now, but do let me know if I missed anything. See you guys soon! ^_^

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