Monday, April 01, 2019

Bamboozled By Bountiful Breasts

I am talking about Sonya and her bimbo army, of course. If you get recruited now, you get 4 more scenes, and the bunnygirl job gets some extra/alternative content once you have progressed far enough on the path.
I think the scenes are well-realized. Also, to give the experience a bit of variety, 2 of the scenes aren't 100% related to Sonya, and happen if you work as a bunny girl and as a stripper. I think another one or two scenes with Sonya, and extending the alternative content to affect the stripper work as well, should be enough to finish this path. I could add a few something more for the aftermath, as well as flesh out the "pet" path as well, but that should be it. I'd only revisit this part of the game if, after releasing 1.0, players clamor for more content with Sonya (and there is enough interest to keep working a few extra months on updates and the likes).
Other than that, I worked a bit on bugfixing this week (as you'll have noticed if you tried the new hotfix).
This week was a bit all over the place for me, so I didn't do much else, but I feel like it was productive overall. I should get ready the art preview and the next poll soon, so those interested can look forward to those. See you soon! ^_^

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