Saturday, March 23, 2019

March release!

March marches on, and we get a new release!

You know the drill, free version here, while you can find the Patreon version here, for those who are Patrons, of course.

Have fun! ^_^


  1. I am using the public version. There is a tramp stamp description at character inspection that I do not know where it came from but without an actual tramp stamp, I mean, none is displayed and the tattoo guy acts as if it does not exist, not only being unable to remove it but also being able to add one another.

    Another issue, being a masochist is not an issue for pondering with her parents at the end of chapter 3?

    1. Ooops! I think I know what's causing this. Sadly, you'll have to wait until the next update for a fix (I usually push fixes to the Patreon version only, since it's too much work to maintain two different versions).

      I figured being a masochist might not necessarily put her in a compromising position, but being an exhibitionist or doing other stuff definitely will. XD