Monday, March 11, 2019

Growing Leaves

So this week, other than finishing up/adding a few touches to what was already mentioned in the previous dev blog, I have been focusing on Golden Leaf. I am currently working on adding a way to expand the town a bit by having certain investment groups pay (partially or totally) for an increase in the town's territory. They would all get some form of shop in town, as part of their compensation for such an effort. The League of Merchants wants a foothold in Golden Leaf and we also have a group of locals that make you a counter offer, to avoid getting under the influence of the LoM. I also want the Zanti family as a third, forced way, if you are one of the cowgirls.
I have the maps mostly ready (all the shop versions and the new area of the city are done, but I don't have any interiors for the two new houses that will come with the new territory, since that's a bit of a low priority, I think), I have most of the dialogue and mechanics ready for the intro and the decision, although I still lack the Zanti content. That's mainly because I am unsure on how to introduce the scene, and I also need to consider how the protagonist should inform her Masters of her newfound nobility. I am considering something like a small magical mirror (the kind we see used in the bikini shop, if you saw that), assuming that her handlers gave one to her for important communications. I think that would make sense, and save me a lot of troubles (because otherwise, I always need to organize visits to Erica's house, or for her to go farm, which are tedious both to program and to experience as players).
I am also considering if this choice should be offered in chapter 3 or 4. On one hand, chapter 4 seems better (you already have to deal with improving the town in chapter 3, after all), but on the other hand, I'd like the game to have 6 chapters overall, which means having this start in chapter 4 might be a little too late). Well, it's a minor thing to consider, all in all, but pacing is important, so I'll have to take a decision soon.
Other than this, I have fixed a few bugs (reported by a nice and meticulous player), and I decided to do some preliminary work on the Sonya content (the overwhelming winner of the poll, I'd say), by adding a new scene to her, which also gives the player the bimbo trait. I need to change the stripper scenes to react your bimbodome, I think, but that should be it for moment (the poll was for next month, after all, so I was just trying out a few ideas I have, to get warmed up).
This is pretty much it, I believe, as always, do let me know what you are thinking in the comments. See you next week! ^_^

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