Monday, March 04, 2019

Court Intrigue

So, I have been working on your return to court. Now, we have a way to earn our entrance to the ruins without having to sneak in, some conversations with the emperor about how you are doing in Golden Leaf, some dialogues with his guards, some conversations with the nobles at court (the ones that are still there, at least) the option to play chess with the general (there are already some mechanics there, but basically I'd like to give players a chance to beat him and a reward, if they work on it), a way to meet Nimedes in his personal quarters, a chance to see the royal's wizard room (but I still need to add a few mechanics I'd like), and a couple more things here and there.
You also get to talk to a few more NPCs you can't normally meet in the Feywald ruins, if you get permission to go (note that your performance in golden leaf can be a factor in whether the emperor allows you to go or not, although the most important part is how you answer to him when he questions you about your desire to go).
I also introduced another small change to the pregnancy system, so that now we have a chance at having twins. I added the new mechanic to calculate the odds, the new images, I changed the text for the second to last day (so that she comments on her larger belly) and in the scene for the delivery. I also have the mechanics to register two babies instead of just one, but I still need to perhaps do more, and change a scene or two to reflect this new mechanic. I also added a few different expressions for the protagonist when her image is shown at the start of each day, to better reflect some of the text (I might want to improve this further later on, but I think now it's acceptable, at least).
I think this is it for the most part, I can't remember anything else off the top of my head... Other than writing the intro for your visit to Lord Kairos, but that needs almost everything else to be ready, so it's a bit away at the moment.
The short term plans are to have at least some intrigue at court (with you perhaps trying to influence another vote, and being introduced to some new characters with political power), and some mechanics to Golden Leaf. I'd like Keiko to introduce to you a few choices, which determine how a new area I have to add will develop, as well as you acting as a judge of some sorts and having to decide on some disputes in town. Then it's time to figure out where we are content-wise, and see what else we could push (hiring new servants for the mansion and organizing a party to introduce yourself to your peers are on the list, but we'll see how much time we have left when we get there).
Do let me know if you have any suggestions or questions. The new poll will probably be up tomorrow, so look forward to it if you are one of the lucky ones. ^_^

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