Monday, March 18, 2019

Golden Leaf status: THICC :^

So, I did more work for the expansion mechanic, finished all the dialogues, added the maps to the game, some NPCs (according to the faction you pick, or are forced to follow), added the Zanti part (which is a bit on the long side, and I might want to split, once I get a test version and testers can give me some feedback on that one). For the moment, I'll make the decision appear in chapter 4 and the expansion immediate (since we have no chapter 5 yet).
I have yet to pick the exact items that will be sold in the new store (again, I'll likely just get some suggestions from the testers first) but the mechanical bonuses are in place now (so increased income calculations, for the most part).
I also added a way to hire the discontent miner for the lighthouse keeper job (since having a functioning port will be part of one of the deals). I spent way more time than I'd care to admit on all the maps (including one that won't be in this update, sadly) so hopefully you'll like how they turned out. Picking the sprites was also a bit time consuming, because we see the Zanti family for the first time, and I wasn' sure what some of them should look like.
The whole ordeal was more complicated than I anticipated, when I started adding some differences depending on whether or not you know Kira, if you are in a relationship with her, how are you doing as a cowgirl if the Zanti got to you intead (quests completed for them being referenced), etc. I also got sick last week, so that slowed me down a bit. On the plus side, I think I managed to take care of some other minor stuff along the way (like, adding all the CGs for the update, for example), so I don't think I really lost much time.
I did add some bimbo variations to the stripper job, as well, hopefully you will like that. ^_^ 
Now the really short term plan is preparing everything for the testers, and then I'll try to add some more stuff to the royal court and Golden Leaf, as well as add the second coat of paint after the feedback and get ready for release. 
I'd like to update this weekend (saturday would be ideal), so we'll see how much I can get done in the meantime. I think this is it for the moment, but do let me know if I forgot anything. Otherwise, see you soon! ^_^


  1. For the lighthouse deal, you said that we could choose the discontent miner for the person to man it, however, I have scoured Golden Leaf to an overwhelming extent and I have not found this "Discontent Miner". Unless he is in the next update or so, I am unsure what to do. It's quite frustrating especially since I've done all the other tasks and this one is sticking out at me like a sore thumb tbh. No ill will, just frustrated player is all.

    1. Did you free the mines from the tentacle monsters? Miners re-appear there after you clear the place. One of them is unhappy with his current job, and will gladly trade for a new post. ^_^

    2. Ah, but you need to find his ring first, or he won't confide this to you. You can find the ring in a small pool of water in the mines (you need the fish TF).