Monday, December 10, 2018

Fangs Fan Fulfilled

So, the testing for the new quest took place, and I fixed the usual list of bugs, polished some things, added some new content, all to make sure everything is fine. I still need to add a detail or two for the aftermath (some comments from guild members depending on how the quest went, and perhaps a scene or two for disappointing your allies, if you have any), but we should be good to go.
Coincidentally, I found a possible new look for the bikini chainmail adventurer among the resources I already have, so if the testers think it's good (once I prepare another closed beta), I might use that, instead of commissioning something else.
I changed the vampire nightly scenes, so that they are not random anymore, and I added 2 scenes to the vampire path. They are not part of the nightly scenes, at least not yet, since I am unsure if I want them to play out automatically, or if I want the player to go visit Beatrix to trigger them.
One of them is related to the quest (since the vampires are one of the involved groups), but I wonder if I should have an alternative scene play out if the outcome is completely negative for them. On the one hand, it's easier to program just skipping that scene if the requirements aren't met, and some would argue that having such a weird sequence for an extra scene is unreasonable (one would need to finish the quest without being a vampire ally, and then do almost the entire vampire path right after). On the other hand, it feels a bit weird to just leave players with nothing. It's worth mentioning, however, that IF you are a vampire follower and you do the quest, the only two possible outcomes are still okay for your overlords, so maybe I am just fretting over nothing.
I did some other assorted typo fixing, mechanics tuning and more, but I had a few interruptions last week, so I couldn't keep up with the schedule I had in mind. I'll probably take a few extra days to recover the lost time, so expect a release around the 20th this month.
The program now is to just cram as many scenes into the game as possible (I am considering adding a basement to your house, so your vampire girlfriend/mistress can move in), and then figure out if there is something else I should do.
Anyway, that's it for today. Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, let me know your thoughts or if I missed something in the comments. See ya! ^_^

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