Monday, December 03, 2018

A Web of Connections

So the quest is basically done. It took slightly more time than I expected (even when trying to keep things simple, juggling 5 factions and 6 possible starting/ending scenarios can be a little too much) but it's okay now. I just need to take it out for a few tests myself, before handing it over to the actual testers, and see what they can find wrong about it. I need to come up with some rewards too, since I figured some of the factions would have something unique to give, but that's not time consuming to add, just to think about. I guess this was a good practice run for when I'll have simpler scenarios, but I really wanted one quest to play around with your possible situation and have it affect how things play out, so I pretty much threw everyone in there. XD
Other than that, I added 2 more dates with Kira, so her fans will have something to look forward to. ;)
I might add something more to her, but I am not sure. I really want to work on the vampires (both Beatrix and the other blood suckers in general), so I'll probably write the stuff I know I want in the game already, and then see what else is missing in the game, maybe expand/finish something else (I definitely need to add something to the secretary job, hence the artwork you saw in the preview), and then see where I am so I can decide what I can tackle next.
Anyway, this is it for the week! Expect a new Poll tomorrow, but otherwise I don't think there is much else to report. See you next time! ^_^

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