Monday, December 17, 2018

Santa is Coming Soon

(Please, appreciate how I restrained myself from making any "cumming" jokes, I am not a naughty developer... Okay, maybe I am, but that's beside the point.)
This week I did some more bugfixing/polishing for the quest (to hopefully tackle all the remaining issues) and I wrote some scenes for Kira and the secretary job. Kira got 4 new scenes for your relationship with her (I gave her relationship a more unusual spin, which hopefully you guys will enjoy), and the secretary job got 2 new scenes and a possible promotion, if you agree to be even more "friendly" to the boss.
As I mentioned before, the release should happen very soon, in the next 2-3 days. I'd like to put some more content in for Kira, so we have enough events for her, and if anything else strikes my fancy as something that would be a worthy addition, maybe I can squeeze it in too. I am also considering a mini-quest, not tied to any guilds or factions, but it might have to wait until after this update.
As for the next release. The winner for the poll was the hypnotist character, I believe, which means adding one or two new traits, and modifying/adding as many scenes as possible to support those new traits. This would also be a new way to gain old traits as well. I have to decide how much I want the hypnotist to matter. I figure a few scenes would be nice, but I don't want to go overboard with him, since there are already a lot of MC characters roaming the country. XD
Anyway, that conversation can wait until the new release hits the virtual shelves. For now, I hope you are having fun with the game and that you are looking forward to the new update. See you guys soon! ^_^

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