Monday, November 26, 2018

New Quest, Old Grudges

So, this week I worked on the new quest, as I mentioned previously. The maps are almost all done (I still need to tweak one for puzzle purposes, and I also need some simple interior maps for tents you'll be able to enter, but that's it), the intro is done (we finally get some flak for being a member of both guilds at the same time :p), a good chunk of the puzzles are done, and some of the faction specific interactions are there as well.
I still need a few more puzzles, a lot more interactions (so that we get some consequences for our affiliations), some (optional) lore to better introduce the quest, and then we should be done. Depending on how complex I want it to be, the faction stuff could take a while, though.
I think I'll finish the quest in 3 days, more or less, since most of the stuff is done. I did waste a lot of time trying to figure out some presentation issues (one puzzle will probably need some feedback from my testers, concerning the way I show a hint), and I had finally decided to give some better graphics to the "bikini chainmail adventurer", but I couldn't find anything fitting for the life of me (I might have to commission a bust with a faceset, and get it done with), so I might have to revisit these elements later on, but I don't think there should be anything too out there to stop me.
I think this should be fun to play, although I do worry about people not being able to see all of the content because some of it is faction-specific, but I hope they will enjoy future playthroughs, at least.
I'll probably add a few dates for Kira as well, once the quest is done, as those should be easy to add on the existing system, and I assume people will be happy to see her role expand (she will also be the one who pushes you for the league of merchants, if you worked for them enough times, and your involvement with the other factions permits it).
Anyway, this is it for the current week. If you are a patron, look forward to the art preview and the new poll at the start of next month, hopefully these will be fun as well! ^_^

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