Monday, October 01, 2018

Edith's story is complete!

I can't remember how many scenes I wrote since last time (I think 4 or 5, but I'd have to count them to be sure), but Edith's path is for all intents and purposes done (minus some polishing if I get some inspiration for it or some suggestions). There will be a potential "bad end" and a slightly less unbalanced relationship possibility, if you don't cave in to her demands completely. Hopefully you guys will like the scenes (this one is of course meant to be mostly sexy, given her character).
Other than that I finally got a walkthrough! I am currently taking a look at it, to make sure it doesn't have any major flaws, but I'll probably make it public soon. I hope people will submit corrections and suggest what to add to it later on, so that it grows and improve over time. ^_^
I don't think there is much else to talk about, other then confirming I should start working on the inn next, and see how far I can take that one. It should be simpler, since the content there isn't as involved, but it depends on how much more I want to add to it.
See you guys next week! ^_^


  1. So, how long until the Edith update? I'm the guy from a few months ago who was asking about Edith. I haven't been more excited for an update than this one. XD

    1. For Patrons, it will be up this month (around the 15th), those who play the free version will have to wait an extra month.

    2. Gotcha. Can't wait. XD