Monday, September 24, 2018

Worship me! *evil princess laugh*

That's what I imagine Edith said at her 18th birthday party to the guests, anyway. Keeping in mind the poll results, I have been focusing on bringing some of the jobs to their completion, and the number one pick was Edith. She will now properly humiliate you from start to finish, breaking your feeble mind into worshipping her properly, or something very close to this. We have 3 brand new scenes for her so far, and I expect her path to be over with another 3-4 of them.
I am thinking if I want ways for players to select which random scene they get after the path is over, if I should have brand new scenes or if I should change the structure completely, once she "gets you" for good.
After Edith is over, it will be the turn of the inn. There are a few loose threads there (from the pervert couple, to the possible fashion model job, as well as the other events), so it will be a challenge to pick and choose. Hopefully, we give a proper resolution to all of them, since I assume some of them won't have much more to offer (I mean, once you join in on the fun with the couple, I don't think I want to offer more progression beyond that).
Anyway, I'll work my way through as much of the job-related content, to make sure there are no more loose ends, and I'll work a bit more on the main quest (trying to get your hometown up and running, so we can have your parents yell at you for being an awful daughter, as it should be :p), and depending on how much time I have left, maybe work on adding the TF into the mage hero to the game. I should also start introducing possible issues with this type of transformation, if you re-use it without completing your goal too many times, you'll potentially get a bad end, forgetting who you were, or get some temporary futa-goodness with Erica, when she can't fully turn back at first. That's the plan anyway.
I am still waiting on people to let me know of what they think of the idea behind the pregnancy stuff. I know it's just a demo, but I think it's enough to understand what the idea would be like, and if you'd like it or not. Do let me know, so that I can decide if I need some adjustments to it, or if I can move forward without worries.
This should be all for now. Until next week! ^_^

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