Monday, July 02, 2018

One more temple

So, another week is gone! I am working on the main story, as I mentioned before. Specifically, after adding the required dialogue with Alpharius, I did some progress on the new temple: the map is pretty much complete, and I have added some of the puzzles (as well as finally getting to use a spell I had ready for a while). I also added a puzzle related to discovering the location of the new temple, which hopefully will be fun (but you can always rely on Alpharius to bypass this... Although eventually there might be consequences to making use of his contacts too often).
The dialogue also covers the other part of the main quest, which revolves around finding out more about your uncle, but I just did some basic stuff for this one, like setting up the quest log properly, and picking the tileset for the related areas (Tarkas' noble district and the magic academy), so nothing too exciting to talk about.
I fixed a few bugs as well, so you can expect to see those as well in next month's update. I have been thinking about changing the tilesets for all the external areas of the temples, so that they have a common style and architecture, but picking the right look has been harder than I thought, so I decided to not waste time on this any longer, at least for now.
Anyway, I believe this is it for this week's report. I should be back soon with some more polls updates and similar stuff, but for now this is everything. Thanks to everyone for your support, and see you next time! ^_^


  1. umm excuse me for asking but where is the download? or sould i donate first?

    1. To download the game, you must go to my patreon page. The link to the free version is there, near the bottom of the page (there is a link to the page in the sidebar). ^_^