Tuesday, July 10, 2018

A chilly temple

First of all, Sorry for the slight delay, I had some family business last night, and so I had to wait until this morning to write this. >_<
The new temple is almost done. I am still fine tuning the puzzles and I need to write some dialogue for the new "temple girl", but I think I have done a good job with most of it already, the new mechanics and puzzles should prove interesting (there will be some secrets as always, for the completionists among you ^_^).
I also created some maps for a gambling den, and added some graphics and mechanics for a dice game. The gambling den will end up being a path toward the enslavement of the protagonist, so all pervs (like me) will have something to look forward to when work on it will get into full swing.
Other than testing, finish the temple and working on the gambling den, I don't have any other short term plans, but if I find the time I'll probably keep working on the noble district map, as I need that as well for the main story.
As of now, this should be it. Do let me know if I am forgetting something, otherwise, I'll see you next week! ^_^

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