Monday, June 25, 2018

Back to the roots

So, we start the new development cycle by targeting the main story, this time around (the poll results from the 5$ or more donors came in more than a week ago), which means I'll have to add the following:
The new part of the main quest (which will take us to Alpharius and then on a mission to try and impress a new guy in a new area, the noble district in Tarkas);
A new temple;
And the protagonist's hometown (a small village).
Realistically, since the temple will also need its related quest to discover its location, I can't expect to finish everything in a month, but I should be able to at least do 2 out of 3 of the items in the list (maybe even 2,5).
I do have some ideas to make the guilds tied to this part of the game, so we'll likely be adding more quests for them in the near future.
As for the side content, I'd like to start prepare the groundwork for getting the protagonist enslaved. I think an illegal gambling den, and some of the NPCs already in the game, should provide a good stepping stone toward this. I might try to round up parts of the other events already in the game, but the list is long enough already, so that will realistically happen only if development goes super fast.
Since I have been busy with bugfixing (as well as resting a little ^_^), I didn't do much since the release, although I have already started writing the new scene with Alpharius (which will tie with both the "uncle's search" quest and the "temple" quest), and will serve as both a reminder and an introduction to the main events of chapter 3.
I believe this is it for today. Thanks everyone for the support, and as always, see you next week! ^_^


  1. Will you be expanding on Edith's content past the initial encounter?

    Sorry if I spammed comments. It seemed like it was fucking up, so I don't know what posted and what didn't.

    1. Yeah, there are plans to expand most job related encounters. I'll just have to find the time in the future. XD