Monday, March 05, 2018

So sleepy...

Yesterday was election day in my country, and I haven't slept as much as usual following the events unfold on TV. So, I'll try to keep this short, and sneak to bed ASAP.
I added Edith's scene to the masturbation options (I obviously picked the foot worshipping one). The scene also got some visuals now (more on this tomorrow, when I'll show the images :D). I am considering rewriting/expanding this one, but it's not 100% sure (maybe it's fine to keep it as it is, since we can work in a progression to how hot things get with her).
I added the fast travel within Tarkas, and moved the random events to it, making it the only way to get random events now (at least, the random events which happen while walking around Tarkas). Right now, I just have one spot per district, but this might need your feedback, if we need more of them (I didn't want to start with a huge list from the get go, and I'd rather hear the opinions of those who'll use it).
The indoor areas for Solina's hub are done, for the most part (I have to decide if I want to work on the docks or the beach next). There is one scene (currently repeatable, but it might not be in the future), so there is something sexy to look forward to (someone pervying on you as you try a bikini), and the mini-quest I planned for Solina is almost ready too.
Oh, and I finally added a damn tutorial to the dancing mini-game in Rahib. It's pretty basic, but it should explain the mechanics reasonably well, plus it gives you a way to try without consequences to dance as many times as you like, so it should be good enough.
This is it for now, time to go to sleep! ^_^

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