Monday, February 26, 2018

More masturbation and maps... Wait, what?

So, I got most of the masturbation scenes I was planning to add done. Specifically, I added a scene unique to it (which is always available) and I added the "replay" feature for one scene with the Slime girl and one for the bathhouse gang bang. For the slime girl, I picked the first scene you get when you lose, mainly because you can't repeat it normally. On the other hand, since you can win and never unlock that scene, maybe I should change this to the other, repeatable scene.
A downside to the scenes we selected is that they didn't have a switch before today, so that means they won't unlock if you saw the scenes in a previous save, you have to see them at least once after this update will go live. I'll have to review the poll results to make sure, but If I remember correctly, next up should be Edith, and then we should be done with the masturbation scenes for now. If I manage to put a sex-shop in the game for this release, I might also add another scene to the options, where the protagonist uses a dildo, but that's it (I already have the images for that one, so it's really just a matter to have the shop ready).
I have been doing some work on maps for the new city, Solina, I am hoping to have most of it visitable and with some content by next week.
This is the outside of the villa we visit during the ghost quest, as that's located in Solina.
This is the beach, where I'll probably place some fun events, and it will also be one of the backdrops for some shenanigans with Sergeant Ariel (she'll try to drag you along to have some fun with another excuse, of course).
This will be the city's entrance, as well as its main hub, since this is a small city. In fact, I think that if you add the docks to the images I am showing you today, I have pretty much shown all the outdoor areas. I think overall this should be a nice colorful place, a nice contrast to the more somber docks.
I think I'll try to have some sort of mini-quests in Solina or related to the city, which are middle of the road between chain of events like with Sonya and proper quests, so I can give some smut and some gameplay at the same time, without wasting too much time. I think it would also fit with the idea of a small city, to have mostly minor activities in it (I hope to have a few quests in there, of course, but for the time being, I am trying to wrap things up for the release).
For the music I'll be using this track:
It will be less loud and slightly slowed down in the docks, so hopefully I'll get the effect I am hoping for.
I am also working a bit on adding some "lore books" to the library in the first floor of the Mages guild. Since the protagonist is interested in history, I felt the backstory should be shared with the players. Some of it is relevant, but not necessary to the plot, hopefully people will find it interesting once it's all done.
Another thing I have in my short-term plans is to add a fast travel system inside Tarkas, since currently the structure is linear from district to district. I *could* add more roads to connect the commercial district with the slums, but I think that has the potential to make the map more confusing to navigate. The fast travel would also have the benefit of allowing me to "centralize" the random events into it, so I could give them a higher chance of triggering. Still, I felt like mentioning this, to hear what people thought about this change, before going forward with it.
This is it for this week, do let me know what you think in the comments! ^_^


  1. Love the idea of fast travel (going to and from the ends of town, particularly the bar and the bath house, several days in a row gets a little old).

    If you are open to suggestions, I would consider walking to the edge of a map brings up a menu asking what district you want to travel straight to (or to leave town).

    Maybe a single tile on the edge of the road that allows fast travel, while the rest allows walking like normal.

    Been loving the game though ^.^ Thank you for everything!

    1. Yeah, I assumed Tarkas is big enough to be a bit of a chore to navigate, especially on the long run, that's why I thought of a fast travel within the city (especially since the slums aren't finished yet, and the noble district isn't in the game at all for now). I can't remember if anyone suggested this idea before, but it's definitely going to be useful.

      I was thinking to have "city maps" around the city, which you can use to insta-travel to the other maps. I can see why it might be nice to have it on the exits, but it feels a little arbitrary and prone to errors, since the roads activate on touch.

      Glad you are enjoying the game, hopefully I keep improving on it more as time passes. :)