Monday, February 05, 2018

Navigation and strippers mix well together, apparently.

I wrote in the Stripper job, as well as its intro, after finally figuring out how I want to deal with it. The stripper job will only be available if you go through the "just stare at her tits" route, where she hypnotizes you "lightly". I also decided to not waste too much time trying to make the job interactive. It's not exactly a complicated job, and by its nature it's already sexual, so there is no need to give people choices through it, instead I wrote 3 random variations, and added some extra text depending on certain traits or breast size. We might expand this as much as we want, but 3 felt right for a job on the simpler side. I also wrote an introductory scene on the path, so that Sonya gives you the right "suggestions" to work for her as a stripper.
Other than that, I worked on the maps I mentioned in the previous weeks. I decided to show them off with some screenshots, in case you didn't snoop around them already by using the debug tool, and also to show off the one which isn't in the game yet.
Sorry if the image is not perfect, but I took it from inside the game designer, because the in-game screen is too small, and shows only a small portion of the map. The downside is that events (doors, NPCs) aren't displayed as they would be in the game. This is Rahib's port. I believe I did a nice job, and also was lucky to have some great tilesets (most of them were created by an artist by the name of Pandamaru). I think the colors work well with the rest of the city. The clutter, the layers and the small details give an appropriately busy feeling to the map. I might touch it up a bit more, but I think it's mostly done, and I am currently working on having NPCs around for it. I might keep the buildings closed, for the most part, to speed up the possibility of travelling by sea (and there is also no need to make warehouses explorable, after all).
In this one, we have Solina's port, instead, which will be part of a new city (if you played through the ghost's quest, and have a good memory, you might remember the name, as that's where the exorcist family lives). I wanted this to give a different vibe, and I believe I nailed that part, but it still lacks some details here and there. I would also like this to contrast the rest of Solina, which is effectively a touristic location, so this should double as their "slums", as well as being the oldest area of the city, which is expanding and renovating to fit its new status as a touristic attraction, while the docks are left behind a little. The exorcist family are supposed to be the "old money family"/rulers of the area, so we might have more quests related to them in the future (I have to consider if/how the ghost quest would play into it, though).
I hope you like the little preview, and do let me know if you think the maps look good or bad! ^_^

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