Monday, January 29, 2018

Grinding for the strippers

As per the poll result, I am working on the Queen of Hearts. I am slightly behind where I wanted to be, but I wrote 2 scenes and a half (one is a bit short, so I saw fit to not count it as a full one).
I reworked bits of it already (you should have seen in the hotfix the job assignement was moved to the bartender, if I remember correctly), so you know that part.
I introduced a small new tattoo (it's exclusive to the pendant+Sonya path, as it is a minor thing, but I felt it was appropriate as a milestone in that chain of events), and I settled on how to handle the two different paths in the QoH (3, if we count the non-hypnotized options). Working in the VIP area will be restricted to having the pendant and getting throughly hypnotized by Sonya (you will still be able to access the area as a "customer" regardless, once I finish it), and I'll leave the work as a bunny girl and as a stripper for the non-pendant path. I might make all jobs available to the pendant path (just to avoid issues, and to not restrict the content too much), but I am not 100% sure if that's the best idea.
I have decided that this path WON'T have a bad end. I flip-flopped on this internally for a while (I might have even said publically I wanted a bad end, at some point), but I reached the conclusion that it's not really necessary, and the game will probably flow better that way, as well as being more fitting (Sonya isn't a major player in this world, all things considered).
I did some more bugfixing (but I probably won't release another hotfix, it seems a bit too late for that, and there is only one big issue), and I took care of some typos and other stuff which was reported to me. I was hoping to get started on the stripper job, but I got distracted by a few things IRL (some of them frivolous, I must admit), so it didn't come to pass. I'll work a bit harder to make up for it this week, so hopefully we'll get back on schedule.
This should be all for the week. As always, let me know if there is something you want to know (or something I need to know) in the comments. Thanks everyone for the support, and until next week! ^_^

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