Monday, January 08, 2018

Best maid job ever (and currently the only one available anyway)

So, I worked on the Brooding Dragon inn, as I mentioned last week. I re-worked some things, as I did with the bakery store:
I changed the behind the scenes stuff, reduced the odds of nothing happening (and "merged" the ones who did this in vaguely similar ways), I added two scenes to the "peeping" chain of events with the the married couple (now you can actually join them ^_^), added a follow-up to the improvised modeling job (as well as fixed a few issues with it), introduced increasing wages to working as maid (unlike the bakery, it's a permanent increase no matter what, up to a maximum of 70 G). I also moved one of the scenes outside of the random events (an NPC will spawn the day after you worked for the second time there), so that we solve the issue with ever growing numbers of less important events at the inn.
I was actually considering splitting them into "day" and "night" shifts, so it's easier for people to see the content they want, but it might be overkill for just some secondary content, so I left it as it was for now. I'd like a better way to get the scene with the sailor, though, maybe I'll make it so when you enter the building he actually approaches you, from time to time (that way we get the scene anyway, and the random list doesn't get too long).
I worked a bit on the quest, as I mentioned, but I didn't finish adding what I wanted there (I just need some time, it shouldn't be too hard to improve it).
I also did some minor improvements to the circus, of all things (mainly because it's so unfinished it was getting on my nerves). I am not sure if I'll finish overhauling this one for this release, but at least the presentation and the general idea will be improved, and we should get at least some rewards for a few of the mini-games. I think I might eventually add something spicy for this area, I think it would be a great fit for a magician/hypnotist kind of character.
I fixed some typos and a couple of bugs, too.
I think this is it, at least for now. I'll make sure to post the preview of this month's artwork soon (only for patrons, due to Patreon's policy about NSFW content, and not wanting to double post images everywhere), possibly tomorrow, but other than that I don't have anymore communications to make. As always, have fun, and see you around! ^_^

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