Monday, January 15, 2018

Fun for all the family

So I finished the improvements to the "farm investigation" quest, (now the requirements to complete it successfully are slightly higher, but there are more clues you can find, and getting all of them nets you money and the merchant pass at the same time). I also made the pass functional in a quick way, so you can pass through the northern area if you have it now (I still need to write content for the place, so for now it's still impossible to visit, you just get "teleported" past it).
I did some work around Tarkas (and a tiny bit in Rahib) to add conversations for chapter 2 with the NPCs. They are mostly inconsequential, but I think it's nice for them to acknowledge change. If you think some NPCs in particular should have more to say about anything, please let me know. It's hard to keep track considering how many there are, so I might miss some obvious chances at having new lines or quests, etc.
I worked on some of the maps, specifically I made a damn nice port for Rahib (which I expect will come in handy soon), I almost finished one for a new city (only the map without NPCs, though), and I am working toward adding a port to this city as well, so I can get a ship service going between east and west (as a VERY costly alternative to the merchant pass). This all needs to come together once I decide how to handle being unable to go back home. Right now you get teleported there whenever it's too late, but we need an alternative if we can't do that (and it might be a little too lazy as an approach to solving the issue anyway). I might actually make this a poll, since I have conflicting ideas, and I can't really seem to make up my mind.
I did some more work on the circus. Not yet a finished experience, but there is a new mini-game (one where you test your strength... By hitting enter when the bar which goes up and down is at its fullest), and I am starting to sort out a way to make the mini-games interesting (you win tickets which you can exchange for prizes). I still need to decide on all the prizes, though... >_< I also did a few minor changes to the maps themselves, and I'll add a night closure as well as some NPCs which to animate things a little. I do have plans for when it's fully done, but I am taking it slow, since it's all secondary stuff nicely segregated from the rest of the game.
In the next few days, I'll work on the new secretary job (so we can use the new artwork), but if I can't close it out soon, I might wait for the next release (I feel like we do have enough content for a release anyway), it's better to do this right, after all (maybe if I tackle it with a full month ahead of me, I can finish it up in one go, so we don't have to update it later on).
The poll results also decided what I'll be working on after this release, with the Queen of Hearts being very slightly ahead of the slums. I'll try to close out the QoH scenes as much as possible, so that I won't have much left to do afterward (but between the stripper work and the VIP area, I assume I might not be able to complete it 100%).
This is pretty much it, but do let me know in the comments below if I forgot anything, need to explain something else, or whatever else comes to your mind. Have fun! ^_^

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