Monday, January 01, 2018

Happy new year, everyone!

Time flies quickly, it's already 2018. I hope everyone had a nice new year's eve! ^_^
Following up on the polls, I have been working on the jobs available in the game. Specifically, I tackled the bakery store. Now Clark has new looks (including a face during dialogues and a bust), I re-worked how the job progresses (now you can actually say no to Clark, and have a pretty boring job), you can progress further in your "relationship" with him (meaning you can become "sex buddies", basically, and you get a selection of 3 random scenes before the usual work shenanigans happen, and all the new scenes are sexy in nature), and I also gave people a way to earn a bit more through it (if you become more than friends, he pays 70 G all the time, while if you keep some distance you can earn a bit more, but you have to show up everyday, or the raise will reset. You can earn 80 G max this way).
One of the scenes also has illustrations to go with it (more on this when I'll show off this month's art commissions), so overall I think the job is much better now. There are things which I am unsure about, and I'll need your feedback to address. For example, I mentioned the sexy scenes will play out before the usual bakery scenes, but perhaps this makes the job too long, and maybe we should keep the sex scenes and the work separated. I also mentioned how you can say no to Clark, and how the job becomes... Well, boring, maybe we could add a mini-game to make it more interesting and earn more? I assume people will just take on the job which has the more fun content for them, but maybe something extra like this might be what the game needs.
I'll probably try to address the Dragon inn job as a maid next. It does have a fair amount of content, but it might need to be re-organized a bit, and we should get a few follow-up scenes to some of the unfinished encounters.
I also would like to polish up/expand the last quest I added a little bit, because I feel it was a little short. I already have a couple of additions I know I want to make, which should improve the experience/add a couple of puzzles and scenes to the whole thing.
After all this is done, I'll see how much time I have left, and decide on what to work next. There are some other unfinished/unpolished parts in the game:
for example, I blocked the mountain pass in chapter 2, but you can still take the cart to ride between Tarkas and Rahib. This was there mainly to ensure I didn't strand people by mistake, since the content is fairly new and there might be bugs, so I left this as a safety net. I'd like to have ports in the games, so you can sail between east and west, as an expansive but possible way to address this issue if you can't find a merchant pass or other solutions to the closure of the normal route. This of course means having to map at least a port in Rahib, and prepare a new town/city in the eastern area of the continent.
Speaking of which, sooner or later I should expand the map a bit more, maybe this wll be the topic of the next poll.
As you can see there is plenty of stuff to do, you guys should always make sure to remind me if there are glaring, obviously unfinished stuff, since the game is quite big, and I don't play it myself, so such simple things might still slip my mind.
Anyway, thanks for all the support during last year, I hope I at least gave you some enjoyment back with my game, and I hope things will keep getting bigger and better. See you next week! ^_^


  1. Will there ever be sexy content for Edith?

    1. I think so, yes. I am not sure if I'll get around to it this month, or if I'll take care of her another time, though, the game needs to develop along the main storylines as well, so it's tricky to balance everything.