Monday, August 28, 2017

Short recap

Other than the content present in the hotfix for the patreon version, this week I worked on a handful of maps (not accessible in the game yet, but which I'll need in the future), and I started working on a new quest for the adventurers' guild. I think this will actually be the first interaction we have with nobles in the game, so that should be fun (even though the guy is bit of a dick XD). This quest will be available only one time (it will be offered to you by guild manager once you meet certain requirements), so it's a bit different compared to the rest of them, which are available whenever you want them.
Aside from that, I have been working on a few changes to certain scripts, but it wasn't anything that will change the outward appearance of the game (I was trying to figure out a few things, as well as prepare for future changes), but so far there isn't much to report, it's all "behind the scenes" stuff and some experiments.
Anyway, this is it for now, as always look forward to more news in the future. ^_^

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