Monday, August 21, 2017

Kill those roaches!

I have spent the last few days on bugfixing, applying some minor UI changes to the quest log, and planning some content for this month's work. Specifically, I have started some work on "scenarios", simple choices to pick some background for the protagonist, as well as affect your starting gear and stats, but it's not in the game yet in any significant capacity. I'll probably have 2 set of choices available: one involving how you spent your early years and one to decide which deity you have an affinity for.

After this, I'll probably go around to fix/improve some of the existing content:
adding some code to make working for the guards as a maid a more urgent business, maybe work in a bad end if you don't go there at least once per day;
write a couple of scenes for the cowgirl path which doesn't end with you in the barn (at least one sex scene with Tim should be there), maybe make a final decision on what I want to do with Sonya's scenes (being able to grind them without any time passing might be a little too much);
I should probably add a couple of quests to the guilds, too.
I guess I'll be busy this month! XD
Anyway, not much to report for now, so see you guys next week! ^_^

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