Tuesday, September 05, 2017

9 days weeks

Man, would you look at it! It's already sunday... I mean, monday... Tuesday!?! (I deeply apologize for the tardiness -_-)
I finished the adventurer's guild new quest. It took me a bit of extra time, because it has a lot of interactions (with stats, a certain faction and so on), so there is a lot of minutia I have to deal with (change text and choices accordingly, writing extra scenes, etc). The quest itself should be simple, but still interesting (enough kinky stuff in it for those interested, as usual ;p).
I believe I'll have some of the characters I used here re-appear later on (1 or 2 in the VIP area of the Queen of Hearts, while I'll use the rest much further down the line).
This week I'll have to tackle the mage guild quest, and then push out some extra scenes and content, to keep up with the schedule.
This is pretty much it for this week (I wasted some time trying to script a better, less jerky movement for the NPCs, but to no avail, and I also found a few more art assets for the game, but it's not anything flashy, just stuff like extra facesets, or some slight variations on sprites), so I'll see you guys next time, for what's likely going to be the last weekly update before the new release. ^_^

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