Monday, April 03, 2017

Mixing things up

So, I did a bit of everything this week, but the important stuff for you guys is that there is a new random event if you walk around the residential district (this one happens during the day, and I also added a new map for it), I wrote 2 follow-up scenes for the drunk-married guy (the last one is repeatable, and it will happen whenever you go to his house to... Well, cheat on his wife), and I added a new job (1 scene and a half so far).
This last job will likely be a bit different from others, the progression toward the kinky stuff will be less grindy, and I might consider adding a mini-game or at least have some requirements for it, as to spice things up (I have been looking up scripts for mini-games, as well as consider what I can do without scripts, and I am sure I can create some).
I was researching mini-games, because I am thinking of adding some activities for players around the city. I don't want a dozen mini-games, but I figure at least a few might be a welcome addition. Some of the activities will likely have sexual potential (think playing strip poker, or even just getting in debt playing some game with criminals), while others will be simple diversions or ways to make money/win prizes (these will have to be tested for the "fun factor", I don't want to add content just for the sake of it, if possible).
I did some minor work on extending Rahib's map (I think all buildings of the new area have proper maps now), so when the time comes, I'll just have to add NPCs to finish them. This might take some extra time, just because I'll probably have to add quests as well (The city needs content desperately), so we'll do it as we move along.
I think this is the entirety of the report: I hope I am not forgetting anything! Anyway, see you guys next week! ^_^


  1. Hope to see the update next week.
    There's going to be quite a lot to look forward to I sincerely hope.

    1. It will probably be a mid-week update. I don't think this will be an exceptional release, but there should be enough new content, that's for sure. :)