Tuesday, April 11, 2017

One... More... Scene...!

This week I added one more scene to the new job I mentioned, I added 3 new random scene (although they are linked, so you can't get the second one without seeing the first), I am adding a few willpower checks and slightly tweaked dialogues here and there (nothing much, but it still takes a while to add them), and I am struggling a bit with scripts to make the changes to the shops less painful (if you followed the previous weeks, I mentioned limiting the number of healing items you can buy, to avoid people simply stockpiling huge quantities, turning every fight into a non-issue).
Basically, one script makes items unavailable for buying if you have more than x items, while another script makes you sure you can't go around this limit by buying all of them at once (since the shop wouldn't be able to stop you UNTIL you reached the limit, which would happen only after the purchase). This last one is annoying because it extends to all purchases, while I want to limit it only to healing items. (HEY! I solved it as I was writing this! *happy dance* :D)
I want a few more days because I have yet to complete any work on the activities I was planning. I did try a few interactive moments with the new job, and I am happy I have learned a few things from it, but they will probably end up being reworked as I come up with more fun ideas (I'll leave them in anyway, because I think they give a better pacing to the scenes). If things go well, I'll add more content, and then release it, otherwise I'll limit myself to test things properly, at least. Within 3-4 days seems a reasonable estimate.
Anyway, this should be it for the moment. As always, leave a comment if you have any questions! ^_^

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